10 Hair Perfumes that Will Keep Hair Fragrant and Maintained

10 Hair Perfumes that Will Keep Hair Fragrant and Maintained

Have you ever felt scrawny and smelly hair?

Don’t happen, huh. Especially now there is hair mist or hair perfume.

In addition to scent the hair, hair perfume can also provide additional nutrition to be more healthy and beautiful views.

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  • Hair Perfume is Now the Answer to Long Lasting Fragrant Hair
  • Benefits of Using Hair Perfume

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  • Hair Perfume is Now the Answer to Long Lasting Fragrant Hair

10 Recommendations for Hair Perfumes so Your Hair Does Not Smell Musty

Hair Perfume is Now the Answer to Long Lasting Fragrant Hair

Unscented scented hair can reduce self-confidence, especially for women.

Feelings of frustration immediately arise when hearing bad comments from other people about the smell of his hair after a day of activities.

Basically the hair can keep the fragrance longer than the skin.

This fragrance will last longer if you add a special perfume.

Especially when this trend is simple and practical hair perfume products that will increase self-confidence.

Hair perfume is easily applied.

Simply spray into the part of the hair that smells like spraying perfume as usual.

In addition to making hair more fragrant, hair perfume will treat damaged hair, moisturize and soften dry and rough hair.

Benefits of Using Hair Perfume

Refreshing Hair

Hair perfume will be very useful for those of you whose hair is often limp and dry.

Because hair mist or hair perfume not only makes scented hair all day, but also leaves a fresh impression and removes scrawny and smelly hair.

Scent the Hair

All day activities make the scalp sweat and the hair becomes moist and limp.

By spraying hair perfume which is composed with special formulas and substances, the hair will remain fragrant for a long time.

Many fragrant variants of hair perfume can be chosen according to your personality.

Like peaches, camellia oil, green apples, lychees, jasmine, roses and cedarwood.

Make Hair Shinier

In addition to scent, hair perfume also makes hair softer and shine naturally.

You will be more confident with hair that looks more beautiful and healthy.

The content of nutrients in hair mist can make hair shinier. So that it looks healthier and more beautiful.

Helps Prevent Fade Hair Color

The UV protection formulation in hair perfume as extra protection from

the hot sun will protect the hair from damage caused by sunlight.

Thus, perfume hair will be able to prevent fading hair color.

Nutritious Hair

Hair fragrances can be used in emergency situations when you don’t have time to shampoo.

The content of the healthy hair formula in it will make the hair look more fresh.

In addition, hair perfume will provide nutrients to the roots and make hair softer.

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10 Recommendations for Hair Perfumes so Your Hair Does Not Smell Musty

Dior J’ Adore Hair Mist

Enriched with cotton nectar and jasmine flower extract, J’adore Eau Lumiere Hair Mist from DIOR,

provides protection to the hair and quickly restores the shine of hair.

The composition of essence orange, neroli from vallauris, and essence damascena rose provide various enticing sensations.

Able to arouse senses and appetite, accentuate luminous characters, and offer a romantic style.

Get this product from the ‘Adore Hair Mist DIOR at Sephora for Rp. 711,646.

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist

Flirting with a sensual and passionate aroma,

Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist can neutralize the smell of pollution and tobacco so that fresh hair throughout the day.

Besides being used in hair, this perfume can also be used on the body.

This product is a blend of honey, red berries, bergamot, chocolate, and coumarin which results in a refreshing, pure, soft and innocent style.

You can find this product for Rp. 547,720 at Sephora for the freshness of your hair.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist

For those of you who want a oriental scent,

Coco Mademoiselle Fresh Hair Mist from the Channel offers the impression of orange spirit,

patchouli elegance and transparency of rose.

Available in 35 ml sizes, this perfume is practically carried everywhere.

In addition, because it contains silicon derivatives, makes hair smoother and shinier.

You can get a product for IDR 760,280 at Debenhams. Feel the unique and authentic aroma.


Packed in a beautiful 30ml bottle that is practically taken away,

Cheveux Chambord Hair perfume is made with a composition that is just right from the scent of pomegranates, vanilla and peonies.

Equipped with a keratin formula to repair cuticles and split ends.

Then there is aloe vera for moisturizing hair, ginseng extract so that the hair is not easily broken,

and pro vitamin B5 is beneficial for nourishing the hair.

There are 9 fragrant choices that you can choose.

Like Midnight Kiss, Pink Lemonade, Black Orchid, Chambord, Alize, Hawaiian Crush, Malibu, Mandarin Tea, and Envy.

Fragrance lasts 3-4 hours outdoors and 5-6 hours for indoor use.

Get fresh, non-greasy hair with this local label hair perfume for IDR 140,000 only at Lazada.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Bomblicious Hair Mist

Bomblicious Hair Mist Flowerbomb is a superior product from Viktor & Rolf.

Hair perfumes that can give a flower blast and have the power to give a positive aura.

Made from a mixture of bergamot, jasmine, orange flowers, freesia,

orchids, roses and patchouli will inspire your deepest senses and give the impression of a secret garden.

Hair perfume that has a not too stinging and refreshing flower is packaged in a pretty pink bottle.

Get it only at shop.nordstorm.com for Rp. 760,327.

Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations

Makarizo brand has been known for its innovation in hair care products.

Like Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations products.

This is a hair perfume that contains UV protector to protect hair from the sun.

In addition, it can treat hair from dryness and cracking, and can be used as a perfume body without leaving stains on clothes.

Hair perfumes that make fresh hair for up to 8 hours are also equipped with Scentech-F technology which can neutralize the smell of hair.

Consisting of 4 variants namely Morning Dew which provides soothing fragrant, suitable for men and women of all ages.

Then there’s Cherry Blossom which is suitable for young women because it provides a mild floral aroma. Then Fresh Bouquet is right for adult women because it

gives the impression of being sexy. Finally, Ocean Brezze provides long-lasting freshness.

The amazing fragrance and formula from Makarizo Hair Energy Scentsations offers fun and energy throughout the day.

Packed in an orange bottle in the size of 100 ml, you can get it at Tokopedia for Rp. 22,000.

Philosophy of Amazing Grace Perfumed Hair and Body Oil Spray

Philosophy of Amazing Grace Perfumed Hair and Body Oil Spray can be the next choice.

With fragrant lily flowers combined with musk, sunflower oil, olive oil, and vitamin B5 which moisturizes the hair, so it is lightly used for everyday use.

It can also be used as a body lotion after bathing, soft, soothing and moisturizing the skin. Get it at Sephora at a price of Rp. 383,173.

Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist


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