10 Ways to Straighten Men’s Hair Which Is Easy to Do!

10 Ways to Straighten Men’s Hair Which Is Easy to Do!

Everyone is born with different hair characteristics. Some have wavy, curly, afro, straight hair, and so on.

Each type of hair actually has its own advantages, bro, but many are curious about how to change their hair type.

One of them might be bro. The most common question about this change is how to straighten men’s hair.

Naturally, because most shampoo ads and hair care products in our country use models with straight hair.

So there is a kind of mindset that good hair is straight and shiny. Hmm.

Well, we’ll talk about the benefits of other hair types later.

For now, for those of you who are curious about how to make your hair straight, continue reading downwards.

Benefits of Straight Hair for Men

Talking about straight hair for us guys, there are some benefits

that you can get besides making it easier to become a model of hair care products:

1. Easy to Arrange

Straight and especially short hair for men makes it easy for us to arrange our hair.

There are lots of cool hairstyles that use straight hair.

For those of you who are bored, changing your hair straight will be beneficial because you have many variations of hairstyles for you to try.

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2. More Impressed Neat

Straight hair gives a neat impression. This makes it easy for straight-haired ones to adapt to a variety of environments,

such as a work environment that usually requires a neat appearance and association with your friends who are quite casual.

How to Straighten Men’s Hair Naturally

The first way you can do to straighten your hair is with natural ingredients.

It’s just that you need to remember that this method is not instant and requires consistency to do it in the long run.

Here are some natural ingredients that are quite easily obtained and processed as men’s hair straighteners:

1. Milk

The first natural ingredient that is certainly very easy to get is milk.

Not just any milk, but pure liquid milk. The benefits of milk are really great bro.

Not just to drink, but also useful for your hair health.

For example, your hair will be more moist, give a natural shine, and strengthen the hair roots.

How to do it easy bro:

Prepare the following ingredients: Pure liquid milk, water, and spray bottles
Mix milk with water to make it runny
Put it in a spray bottle
Spray throughout the hair surface evenly
Comb the hair straight and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour to dry
Wash your hair clean with cold water.
Do this regularly every week so the results are maximum

2. Eggs

Just like milk, eggs also turn out to be useful for making hair straight because of its stickiness bro.

Not only good for the body to consume, eggs can make hair stronger and healthier.

How to use eggs for hair is also quite easy bro:

Prepare 1 chicken egg (or 2 if you have long hair)
Broken and beat the egg in a bowl
Apply egg beaters evenly to all your hair
Let stand a few moments to dry (about 30 minutes to an hour)
Wash your hair thoroughly with warm water
Do this regularly every week so the results are maximum

As a side note, you can also use a mixture of olive oil (half a cup) or lime (two tablespoons) if you want maximum results.

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3. Celery Leaves

This one natural ingredient may not think beforehand bro. Celery doesn’t just taste good when eaten with vegetable soup.

In addition to straightening hair, celery leaves can be used to blacken and make hair thicker.

How to use it is still easy bro:

Prepare a handful of celery leaves that have been washed clean
Mash or grind celery leaves until smooth.
Mix water and stir until smooth in a container.
Squeeze the mixture into an empty bottle, then leave it overnight
The next day, use the juice to your hair while massaging about 5 minutes
Let stand for about 1 hour, then shampoo until your hair is clean
Repeat several times a week until the results are visible.

4. Banana

Now here is Mas Kulin’s favorite fruit. It tastes good, makes the body healthy, easy to get, and

it turns out that it is also useful for straightening men’s hair.

In addition, bananas are also good for providing nutrients to the hair to stay healthy.

How to use bananas to straighten your hair as follows:

Prepare one ripe banana
Puree by pounding or blending
Apply evenly to all your hair
Let stand a few long to dry (between 30 minutes to 1 hour)
Wash your hair clean with warm water
Perform this treatment twice per week

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5. Papaya

Alternative bananas are papaya. While you buy papaya to eat, leave some for this hair straightening ritual.

The fiber content in papaya is useful to strengthen and beautify your hair.

Papaya is also useful for straightening your hair. The method is similar to that of the banana:

Prepare ripe papaya to taste
Puree by pounding or blending
Apply smooth papaya evenly to all your hair while lightly massaging the head
Let stand a few long to dry (between 30 minutes to 1 hour)
Wash your hair clean with warm water
Perform this treatment at least once per week

6. Carrots

For those who like carrots there is good news.

You can use the carrot to make your hair straight too.

This orange vegetable is also useful for nourishing hair naturally.

The way to use carrots to straighten hair is as follows:

Prepare 1 carrot that has been washed clean
Grate the carrot then squeeze it
Cover the carrot juice in a bottle container
Pour carrot juice all over your hair slowly
Do this while massage the head evenly
Leave for about 30 minutes then wash your hair thoroughly
How to Straighten Men’s Hair Modernly

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The second way you can do it is of course with modern tools.

Compared to natural ingredients, the results tend to be instant.

However, you still need to do it regularly so that your hair still looks straight.

Check some of the methods below:

1. Hair Dryer

For those who have a hair dryer, you can use this tool to straighten your hair.

When finished shampooing, dry your hair with a little towel. So your hair is still half wet.

After that, continue to dry with a hair dryer from front to back.

Avoid silencing the hair dryer in the same area so that your hair doesn’t break.

Then, use a hair straightening drug so that your hair can be straight.

If you don’t use drugs, this method can work for those whose hair is only slightly curly or wavy.

But even then it is only valid throughout the day.2. Hair Straightening Shampoo
For those who don’t want to use a hair dryer, you can also use hair straightening shampoo.

This type of shampoo contains ingredients that make your hair softer, smoother and more manageable like bio nutrium and plant extracts.

Use it yourself is easy, namely shampooing using hair straightening shampoo, not with regular shampoo.

Its use is effective for just a short time, so you need to use this shampoo regularly bro.

3. Vise Tool

Ever heard of a vise? This tool is usually used by girls to make their hair more straight.

Well, guys can also use bro. It’s just that, if your hair is short, then use a special vise for short hair.

At first, the vise must be heated (leave it on) for 2-3 minutes.

Then clip your hair for about 5 seconds before switching to another part of the hair.

Do not leave the vise in the same place for too long because it can make your hair burn.

Also, do not stick too close to the hair roots

During clipping, set the temperature of the vise in the lowest condition so that your hair can be more natural straight.

If you are hesitant to use a vise tool, you can ask for help from a girl or an expert friend to teach you how to use it bro: p

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4. Care at the Salon

The last way is also practical but need money is to care at the salon.

Ever with the term rebonding and smoothing hair done by girls? Yup, guys can also use the same services.

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You can use rebonding if you want more permanent results and cheaper prices,

but the result is your hair will be a bit stiff. Rebonding is more suitable for decent hair or very curly or wavy.

In contrast, smoothing tends to be permanent and you have to go back to the salon more often.

Plus the cost is more expensive, but the hair is smoother and not too damaging to the hair.

Smoothing is more suitable if your hair is just a little curly or wavy.

Tips For Maintaining Hair To Stay Smooth

Even though your hair is now straight, you still have to keep your hair straight and smooth.

The consistency of using natural ingredients or the modern way above is not enough.

You need to apply a few simple tips below:

1. Do not shampoo excessively

As Mas Kulin shared on this blog several times, the frequency of shampooing greatly affects your hair’s health.

Shampooing every day is not good bro, because it can remove the hair’s natural oil which serves to make shiny hair and stay healthy.

The normal frequency of shampooing is three times a week.

2. Avoid excessive sunlight

Hair that is often exposed to the hot sun has the potential to be damaged more quickly.

If you don’t use natural ingredients to straighten your hair, your hair’s health can be in danger.

Use a hat or try to keep your hair from being exposed to the sun.

3. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Hair health also needs to be maintained from the inside bro. Maintain a healthy diet and

eat lots of foods that contain vitamins A and K that are useful for healthy hair.

Examples include almonds, tomatoes, carrots, and spinach.

So Are You Ready to Change Hair Straight?

Straight and straight hair are actually good for your appearance, bro.

The most important thing is that you choose a hairstyle that fits your face shape, so that your appearance can be maximal.
Besides that, you can also use Pomade or wax to make your hair look more beautiful.

Check here for the different hair styling products that are suitable for your hair!

For those of you who have other suggestions for straightening your hair, please share it in the comments column.

Also check out other writings about Casual Men’s Lifestyle on this blog. Certainly, really masculine bro!

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