Homemade face mask combination skin

Homemade face mask combination skin

Homemade face mask combination skin

Face pack or face mask

Homemade face mask combination skin

It is needed to meet then the lack of skin care early on.

During the mask, more stimulants create muscle accuracy and skin elasticity.

Remember Apply Flexible to Your Fingertips Using a Face Homemade Face Mask

Homemade face mask combination skin

That you do not apply a mask around your eyes and mouth, ie you have three circles on the face.

You can keep cotton cloth dipped in cucumber or potato juice in the meantime to soothe your eyes.

It will be better for you to keep your mask moist until your face mask is dry.

You can use any homemade face mask combination to suit your skin.

You can also use these masks for replacement.

It doesn’t hurt but these changes are also tailored to your skin type.

The fee should be in the middle of then the mask, ie from the group of

face masks created for normal skin you can use one of then the other face.

Best face mask for glow

1.  Face mask for normal skin

Milk face mask

Soak the cotton in then the milk and meet it on the face.

Apricot face mask

Honey —- Two tablespoons

Apricot Period —- Two tablespoons

Grease Almonds —- 1/2 tsp

Lemon juice —- 1/2 tsp

Combine all these ingredients and apply this paste on then the face.

After washing it for about 15 minutes, it is good for skin tightening.

Smoothing face mask

2.  Fruit face mask

Fruit powder —- two small spoons

Palm Table —- Two tablespoons

Honey —- 1 tbsp

Mix all the ingredients into a paste and wash it off after applying it for ten minutes.

It will give even more amazing results than you would expect.

It is very beneficial for lost skin because it Strengthens the skin.

How to draw a face mask

3. Face mask for dry skin

Mint face mask

Yogurt —- 1 tbsp

Maltani Clay Powder —- 1 tbsp

Mint Powder —- 1 tsp

Soak the multani clay powder and mint powder in then the yogurt for half an hour,

then mix well with the whipped cream and let it dry on the face for fifteen minutes.

When it is dry, it will be semi-warm first and then cool. Wash your face with water

This homemade face mask combination skin

4.  Egg face pack

Honey —- 1/2 tsp

Dried Milk Powder —– 1

Whisk the egg yolk and mix in it with then the milk powder and honey

then fry again when it becomes a medium thick paste.

Homemade face mask combination skin

5.  Sinful face mask

Apply two tablespoons of papaya mattress to the face and when it is dry, wash the face with warm water.

You can also mix lemon juice in water.

So fresh so clean face mask

6.  Face masks for miscellaneous skin

Different skin holders are advised to apply smooth and dry skin masks to your skin.

For example, apply a mask in the T-zone area that is prescribed for greasy skin and a dry skin area such as cheeks.

Use these face masks that are recommended for those with dry skin.

Face mask at home recipe

7.  Face mask for uneven skin

Mint face mask

Yogurt —- 1 tbsp

Maulatani Clay Powder —- ١ tablespoon

Mint Powder —- 1 tsp

The homemade face mask combination skin

Soak the soaked clay powder in  the yogurt for half an hour, then add the mint powder to it.

Mix all then the ingredients thoroughly.

Apply this paste on then the face and allow it to dry.

And then rinse with cold water

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