How to make aloe vera face pack for glowing skin

Aloe vera tighten skin

How to make aloe vera face pack

How to make aloe vera face pack for glowing skin

Try this facial once. It makes your skin healthy and wholesome.

Then This facial can be done even by a young girl.

This facial will make your skin glow and then the skin will be shiny.

I am taking aloe vera leaves. Make three o

r four pieces of these

leaves, cut them, remove then the water from these leaves and grind this

How to do facial with aloe vera gel

Aloe vera tighten skin

water. It will be ready.
1.  Cleansing
2.  Scrubbing
3.  Steaming
4.  Massage face
5.  Face pack

Take a bowl, add three tablespoons of aloe vera water that has been

grated, add two tablespoons of raw milk and mix.

Now apply it on the whole face and massage it lightly. You have to

massage for two minutes. Then This will remove the whole dirt and the

face will be clean. It is very good for our skin. Raw milk is very good

for our skin Aloe vera water solves our skin problems and softens

then the skin. It also cleanses the dead skin on our face. Aloe vera is

a magic for our face. You can take it off with cold water.

How to make aloe vera face pack

1.  Our next step is scrubbing

In a bowl, add one tablespoon of rice flour and two tablespoons of

raw milk and mix. Add a little rose water and mix.

Then we will apply it on our face and massage for five minutes. Rice

flour brightens our skin and keeps our skin turmeric. If our skin is

dull, it also helps to remove it if your skin. Very sensitive so great for

that too.

Aloe vera tighten skin

This facial is very good for all skin. Clean it with then the help of foam

and take boiling water in a bowl. Cover then the tool from the top of the

head with then the help of the tool. Steam on then the face. Steam

for two minutes. Steam is great for our face if it removes blackheads

and whiteheads on your skin it also fixes them if you have fine lines.

If you have a problem with pimples,then  you must take Steam.

It is very beneficial for you and then if you have dark spots,

it will be fine. Now help your tissue clean then the face thoroughly.

2.  Step face massage

Two tablespoons aloe vera water

Half a teaspoon of glycerin

A vitamin E capsule

Mix them. We have added glycerin in it. Then It is very good for the

skin.It acts as a moisturizer. If your skin is dry, then glycerin is very

useful for your skin. If your skin is oily, then glycerin is not. Insert

glycerin softens and then beautifies our skin in which we have used

vitamin capsules. It also removes your dead circles and fine lines.

Vitamin E makes our skin white and gives glow to our face

After massaging for ten minutes, wipe off with foam

3. Step Face Pack

Mix one tablespoon of turmeric powder and two tablespoons of aloe

vera. Then The face pack is ready. Now apply it on your face.

Your skin is oily or dry. Then This pack is very beneficial for all types of

skin. then This pack will make your skin look shiny and glowing.

After ten minutes, wash your face with cold water

Use this facial once. It is very useful then for your skin

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