Want Online Business Without Capital?

Want Online Business Without Capital? Try These 5 Ideas, Guaranteed Profit

If you hear talk about online business without capital, surely what will immediately cross your mind is:

can you do it?

Yes, you can. There are a number of non-capital businesses that you can do easily and clearly your love is profitable.

This means that the capital isn’t here doesn’t mean you really don’t provide anything for business.

At a minimum, you have equipment that has been owned from the start, such as laptops, skills, and experience, even though it’s not very high.

Instead of constantly wondering what an online business is without capital, just check in the following reviews.

1. Become a dropshipper

Has anyone heard this term before? Dropshipper is different from being a trader or reseller.

Dropshipper is a person who acts like an agent by selling goods without the need to first buy the goods they sell.

The illustration is this. For example, you are a dropshipper of beauty products.

One time a buyer orders beauty products through you.

The order A then you proceed to the seller C.

Once the seller C receives, he prepares it and sends it to the buyer A only uses your name.

Wow, if the way it works is that, don’t have to prepare money for shopping first? That’s true.

Then can it be fortunate where from this one business without capital?

The matter of profit, the price you install online must be added to the profit you want to take. And don’t forget to add ongkir too.

Although fortunately a little, you will not be bothered with the name of buying the

first product for sale plus being stock, storage, operational costs, and other nasty things that traders must bear.

2. Services entrusted aka jastip

What else? For those who are really keen to play Instagram,

surely several times have seen accounts that offer the services of entrusted alias jastip online.

For those of you who don’t know yet, this jastip can be said to be similar to a dropshipper.

In essence, jastip is a new breakthrough in doing business by offering nitip shopping.

You will be paid for buying people’s things. From there profits are obtained.

The trick is easy. You go to shopping places and keep photos of items that are promos or big discounts.

Then upload to social media that you have. It’s better if you upload it to Instagram.

Don’t forget to add the hastag associated with the items you offer.

That way, many will later visit your social media.

3. Social media influencer

Get tens of millions of money without getting tired?

Just be a social media influencer (hipwee)

Social media certainly gives a lot of influence to its users.

Ranging from political views to shopping affairs.

Here, social media influencers have a key role.

For those of you who don’t know yet, social media influencers are figures on social media

that can influence other social media users through the posts they make.

What are the characteristics of social media influencers?

First, you must have many followers, at least three thousand.

Second, each post can have many likes, responses, or shares.

Where does this work make money?

Yes, many people, the easiest is of course from endorse.

Quoting Katadata, the type of social media used to determine the price of an influencer.

Payments for influencers on YouTube reach more than US $ 12 thousand with followers of 100-500 thousand,

Facebook reaches more than US $ 6 thousand, Instragram is US $ 5 thousand, and Twitter is around US $ 2 thousand.

4. Vlogger

This can also be an online business without promising capital.

The proof is that on average the vlogger has more income than the UMR.

Vlogger payments themselves vary. However, the average vlogger can pocket double digits a month.

They get this income by endorsing products or services into the videos they make.

Not to mention added advertisements or adSense posted on their videos.

Want an online business without capital by becoming a vlogger?

You can start by preparing a concept and a laptop or smartphone.

Make a concept, try to focus on one specific thing.

For example, a discussion about beauty and tips.

5. Services for sites

Is the income really quite from the site creation services? (webnesia)

The need for a website or internet site will certainly continue to increase.

The habit of today’s people who rely on the Internet to get information is a driver for individuals or companies to have their own website.

Not a few of them are confused or want to be practical just to have a website.

So they need the name of the website creation service.

If you happen to have the skills for a website, there’s no harm in making this an idea to make an online business without capital.

As an illustration, making the website as a whole is valued from Rp.

500 thousand to more than Rp. 10 million, depending on the features offered.

Its features range from design, number of pages, website statistics, and others.

Of the five online businesses without the above capital, which one makes you interested?

Oh yeah, one more tip you have to remember.

In that business, the point is you must be confident, creative, and innovative.

If these three things are not owned, online business without capital or other businesses will be difficult to develop.

So, congratulations on doing business and gain a lot of Rupiah!

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