10 Ala Taylor Swift Hairstyles that are Enchanting

10 Ala Taylor Swift Hairstyles that are Enchanting

Who doesn’t know Taylor Swift? Since his debut album exploded on the market,

the hairstyle he used in the album has become a favorite of everyone in various countries.

Both his wavy hairstyle, fake bob, or bun are left loose.

Taylor Swift’s bun hairstyle has been the inspiration for the past decade.

1. Braid Buns Milk Milking Tools

The beautiful Taylor Swift looks stunning with blushing lips and bun hairstyle with braids on the front.

The Blank Space singer draped a thin braid from one side in front to the other.

This bun hairstyle is very easy to recreate at home without having to go to the salon.

You only need to make a small braid on one side of the hair near the ear and bring it around the head and pin it on the other side.

Trim and tighten the braids, making sure the distance of the braids with your forehead is about four fingers for the best results.

2. Ponytail Ponytail

Taylor Swift looks stunning with long hair ponytailed like a ponytail.

The classic ponytail style and flat front bangs are perfect for any occasion even when your hair is messy and worn.

Enough to comb your hair back and tie all the hair on the nape of the hair then beautify it with bangs in front.

Don’t forget the pigtail comb at the back to make it look neat and amazing!

3. Fake Bob

The Love Story singer looks stunning with beautiful round bob hair.

This look is obtained by tucking a long clip in the bottom of the hair so that it looks shorter – fantastic! Homely and spoiled.

The perfect blend of traditional and modern hairstyles is easy to make.

To imitate this bun hairstyle, apply a shiny serum to tidy up the hair.

Pull the top half of the hair onto your head, and tighten it with a pin.

Take the bottom of your hair, and roll the bottom to your scalp.

Pin the ends of the hair tightly to your head with a pin.

Finally, spray the hairspray to all parts of the hair and you are ready to go to the official event.

4. Bun with Soft Bangs

It is evident that Taylor Swift has never had a flat bangs.

Not forgetting, he pinned a gold clasp on it so that the bun that was left tangled looked sweet and great.

This bun hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions, luxurious, and flat bangs are perfect for long, narrow faces.

For the final touch, leave a few loose hairs to soften your facial features, and now you’re really ready to go.

5. Upper bun

We really like the hairstyle that looks unfinished perfect like this from Taylor Swift.

The perfect choice for hairstyles on the second day, the key to the singer’s hairstyle is to apply the gel to the hair before binding

and pulling the hair up to make it look wet.

As they say, the key to the perfect bun is to be able to frame the face.

So to make sure that this hairstyle is not too stiff, let some hair loose like Taylor.

6. Curly bun

Is there something more sexy and classy than curly hair and bun?

Of course not! That’s why we really fell in love with the glamorous Taylor Swift hairstyle.

This hairstyle combines vintage curly hair that is stretched softly to the bottom of the head and certainly we like.

This simple bun is perfect for your little black dress and with perfect makeup.

Take this part of Taylor Swift’s book and follow this beautiful style for your next important event – you won’t regret it, we guarantee.

7. Side Comb Buns

aylor proves that the bun doesn’t need to be arranged perfectly to make it look funny.

Very classic and simple.

The side-combed bun is an eccentric and cute asymmetrical hairstyle that fits all face shapes, and is perfect for summer.

To follow this sophisticated and feminine bun hairstyle, simply divide the side bangs, make a loose bun,

pin it at the nape of the neck, and you’re ready to look!

8. Loose bun

The singer, Taylor Swift, looks beautiful with her braided hair with a cute curly style.

Taylor took a moment out of her flat bangs by pulling them back and showing her forehead.

For a romantic touch, when you recreate Taylor’s hairstyle, leave a few strands of hair,

leave it loose to give a soft impression on your facial features.

Combining feminine bun and coils in detail at the bottom of the bun,

the order of the Taylor Swift hairstyle can be worn almost anywhere and from casual events to classy events in a short time.

9. Curly Buns

Curled Updo

You don’t want your hair to look thin and stiff, right?

Use a spray that gives volume or dry shampoo to increase the texture and volume of your hair layer.

Cut the ends of your hair regularly so that the appearance of the layer always looks fresh.

Layers will lose their shape when your hair grows longer. Therefore, by cutting the ends regularly you will also avoid the split ends.

Use shampoo and conditioner that will strengthen and cleanse your hair. Don’t forget to do deep conditioner treatment on the hair.

If your hair is curly, use a serum for hair is difficult to manage when styling your hair.

This step will add a definition to the layer layer and remove the dry and stiff edges.

For your hair to always look shiny and protected from a hairdresser, use a heat shield.

Spray before you use any hairdressing tool.

So, that’s charming hairstyles along with tips for caring for the layer.

Choose your favorite pieces and be the center of attention!

But beforehand, write your comments below and tell us which hairstyle you like the most.

10. Taylor Swift is no stranger to vintage hairstyles.

In fact, we would not hesitate to say that he didn’t like anything more

than curly hair that ran from the side to complete his red carpet dress.

To follow this bun hairstyle, gently curl the bottom of your hair and let each part fall naturally due to the weight of the hair itself.

Comb the loose hair to make it look naturally wavy.

Spray hairspray or anti-wrinkle serum to smooth out tangled hair.

So, if you want to look like a princess, consider this beautiful hairstyle.

Bun Lilit

Taylor Swift is an expert in bun hairstyles, usually more towards a romantic bun.

No exception with a classic twist bun. This hairstyle is an increase from a typical bun,

adding a lot of texture, dimensions, loops and loose strands. With many strands that are beautifully spun into a super tight bun.

This beautiful style is as detailed as its beauty.

So, if you have the time, try this amazing display that is perfect for a classy event when elegance is everything.

Do you like the Taylor Swift hairstyle like us? Tell us how this post helps you. There is a comment box below!


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