10 Online Business Ideas that Must Be Tried Now

10 Online Business Ideas that Must Be Tried Now

The development of the internet today has such a wide influence on various fields of life.

The potential is so great if we are able to use it well, especially in business.

The internet can be used as a liaison for businesses and customers with a vast market potential.

So it’s no wonder that many new online businesses are now emerging with various types.

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Maybe you thought of starting an online business as a source of main and side income.

If so, here are 10 online business ideas that you must try now too.

10 Online Business Ideas that Must Be Tried Now

1 Online Store

KOO Online is one of the online business ideas that has no death.

Creating your own online store means you can sell and manage your own product sales and

anyone can find your online store using the internet.

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Making an online store is one method for using the internet as a ‘money field’ that is popular today.

If you have your own product or product from a supplier that has a high potential selling value,

then immediately create your own online store.

Now there are lots of software or services that can help you create an online store,

whether it’s using WordPress and WooCommerce, using Shopify, or using services like Sirclo.

2 Dropship

Many people are often constrained by business capital in starting an online business.

However, dropship is an alternative business idea that is also popular among online businesses.

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Lots of vendors or brands are opening opportunities for dropshipping,

where you only need to sell their products to your customers by setting your own price margins.

Dropshipper (as the dropship businessman) is also allowed to use his own brand name as the sender

when the product is sent by the product owner to the buyer’s address.

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So, besides you don’t need capital to procure products,

you can also increase your business brand awareness by selling brand / vendor products to

customers on behalf of your business brand. Interesting right?

3 Resellers

Another online business idea is to become a reseller.

Reseller of products from famous brands can be another alternative that you can try starting now.

Reach brands with products that have high selling potential and can survive in the long term.

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Do research first and avoid selling products that are based on trends,

because generally the latest trends don’t last long unless you plan to sell products

that are currently trending and switch to new products when the trend is over.

Being a reseller is actually like a dropshipper, it’s just that you need initial capital to procure goods. However,

a business capital loan can be one of the best solutions you have.

4 Sell in Online Marketplace

Lazada, Tokopedia, and Bhinneka are just a few examples of hundreds of online marketplaces in Indonesia

that you can use right now to sell your products.

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If you are constrained in creating and managing your own online store,

an online marketplace as mentioned above will be a stall that has the potential to succeed your online business.

You can sell various types of products there, ranging from fashion products, home electronics, gadgets and so on.

And the most interesting thing is that the majority of online marketplaces already have big names and

high website visitors, so your online business can be easily found later.

5 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is like helping to promote a product or service and

getting a portion of the commission from each sale that you succeed in creating.

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Affiliate marketers usually create a special website to review and promote other business products

while targeting more specific visitors so that the level of probability of purchasing through the website is getting higher.

Affiliate marketing has long emerged in the world of online business and is very effective as one of the profitable online business ideas.

6 Selling Digital Products

Starting from the ebook, stock photography, videos, music, templates, software and so on you can sell on the internet.

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Lots of enthusiasts of digital products because of their efficiency, and you can make

it as one of the online business ideas that are run now.

Ebooks, for example, you can sell on Google Play Books and earn sales commissions on every purchase.

Or if you like photography and are interested in selling most of your shots, try Shutterstock or 123rf to sell it.

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Take advantage of an already popular online marketplace to sell digital products that you make,

or you can also sell digital products from other parties when you have obtained a sales rights license.

7 Blog Monetization

Blogs are currently the most influential media in online business. If you notice,

online businesses currently have their own blog as a promotional medium to attract

new audiences or places to inform updates about their business.

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In addition, blogs can also become a field of money themselves if you are able to provide information

that is relevant to your readers, filled with a variety of quality content, and monetize blogs with advertisements, regardless of form.

Starting a blog is very easy, developing it is difficult. But if you succeed in developing it and

getting loyal readers, the results will be so good thanks to the monetization that you do.

That is what the media business is doing that is now mushrooming everywhere.

8 Freelance

If you have a lot of digital skills and free time, freelance can also be used as one of the popular online business ideas.

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Besides being flexible in managing time, the income that you will be able to later depend on the project and the rate of each service you offer.

Ranging from photography, videography, writing, programming, to translation,

all the skills you have can be sold as services and many agencies and companies really need them. So, never hesitate to become a freelancer!

9 Business Consultants

Invite your colleagues to join and form a consulting agency according to your expertise.

Starting from web design, programming and so on, you can use the internet to reach more potential clients out there.

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This is also one of the many online business ideas that have been used, so you can’t just skip it.

10 Digital Marketing Agencies

The effect of the development of the internet is becoming one of them is to make the

digital marketing world from previously optional become very needed.

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A digital marketer generally handles potential channels where a business can distribute content

that will increase awareness and conversion.

Digital marketers also handle digital advertising, analyze data and target audiences, and

much more so that it is needed in the development of a business, especially marketing.

Therefore, if you fully understand the ins and outs of analytical metrics such as

Google Analytics, SEO, Google Adwords and so on, join one or two partners and create a digital marketing agency.

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