10 realistic ways to earn money on the internet

10 realistic ways to earn money on the internet

Anyone who wants to earn some money by the way on the Internet or even hang up his job and

earn full time on the Internet should definitely read this article to the end.

Because both are definitely possible! However, you will not become a millionaire here overnight.

Stamina, stamina and luck are part of it.

In this post, we would like to introduce you to the best and most realistic ways to make money online.

1 . Own hobby as a niche site

Are you burning for a specific (niche) topic and are you very familiar with it?

Then turn that advantage into cash and create a simple blog on the subject.

For example, you could create a blog about your golfing hobby, write testimonials on golf clubs,

and earn a hefty commission when you sell a golf club.

Is this realistic?

If you catch a good niche, where there is little competition and high commissions (for example, Amazon),

you can already earn some € 100 a month.

This is the best way to proceed: If you find technology, SEO, writing articles, etc.

too intimidating, we advise you to seek professional help.

It does not have to be expensive, for just € 100 there are good video courses that explain the niche marketing from scratch.

Even cheaper is the e-book from Nischenseite.de *, which you already get for only 27 € and get a lot of great tips to build a niche site.

2. Fiverr

On the page fiverr.com you can offer different services. Whether logo, texts, SEO help, translations, etc.

Maybe you’re also a professional and can offer your help and earn a lot of money here.

Is this realistic? Even though the competition is big, it is definitely possible to make a lot of money with Fiverr.

Prerequisite for this are reliability, punctuality and a high quality of your offered service.

 3. Blogging still works

You like to write and would like to bring your topic out into the wide world? Best even make money with it?

Then become a blogger.

Easier said than done or?

If you want to become a blogger you have to be patient.

Because the regular readers do not come overnight, it even takes a lot of work, until you have readers at all.

Our tip: Very useful traffic sources are just for private blogs Instagram and Pinterest.

How do you make money from blogging?

By entering into cooperations with companies, switching advertising blocks, selling your own e-books or installing affiliate links.

 4. YouTube as a source of revenue

You have no problem standing in public and talking freely in front of the camera? You love to be creative in videos?

Then perhaps YouTube is the right thing.

You earn money in which advertisements are shown in front of and in the videos.

However, the advertising revenue is very low and you get only 55%, the rest goes to Google.

How realistic is that? If you want to make a lot of money with Youtube, you really need many clicks.

For 1000 clicks, there are about 1 €.

Better paid are advertising deals with companies.

Here, the Youtuber introduces a specific product in the video, tests it or mentions it only casually and

thus receives, depending on the channel size, a fixed amount.

Sell ​​5 . video courses on Udemy

For example, if you’re an expert in programming, you can create a video yourself and offer it on www.udemy.com.

On this platform everyone can create their skills in a video course and then offer them there for money.

The advantage of this platform is that there is a free Academy there that shows you from scratch how to make profitable video courses.

How realistic is that? The courses are offered there for “relatively” little money, so the profit margin is rather low.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to create several courses on a topic.

 6. Sell your own photos

If you take private photos in good quality, you can offer them at major photo agencies such as Fotolia,

Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123rf and iStockphoto Then there are agencies

that have specialized in artistic or authentic photography. Here are, for example, Photocase, twenty20.com or Stocksy.

In addition, there are some agencies specializing in smartphone photography, such as Foap.

You always earn money when a photo of you has been downloaded.

It is important that the photo can be assigned thematically and shows at a glance what it is about.

It is important that you have the rights to the picture, and, if there are people on it, you have the written consent of the persons.

 7, Paid surveys

Even though it may sound frivolous at first glance, you can actually make money from surveys on the internet.

In the process, paid surveys are sent to you by the companies, tailored to your profile, which you can then fill out online.

You usually pay in cash or you can choose bonuses.

Is this realistic? One should be aware that the surveys certainly do not make you rich.

If you have a lot of time, it is best to sign up for several pages to receive as many invitations to surveys as possible.

 8. Make money with Digistore (works without own product)

Whether digital info products such as video courses, e-books, seminars or other services.

At digistore, you can either offer your own products or promote other products and receive very high commissions.

In other words, you can make money by promoting foreign products and getting some of the cake per sale.

For example, you can advertise on your own blog, on Facebook, Instagram or in your own circle of friends and family.

Is this realistic? Especially for people who still do not want to create their own product,

this is a great and relatively easy way to earn money on the Internet.

Become . 9 seller on Amazon

With the Amazon FBA program, you can sell products on Amazon.

Since you as a salesman pass on the entire order process to Amazon, a lot of work is already taken on here.

How realistic is that? One should first think well with the help of a market analysis, which product makes sense.

If you want to become a top seller at Amazon, you should have the right combination of price, quality and customer reviews.

And the product should of course also vote. Lukas * offers a really good course. He shows how to successfully start the Amazon FBA program.

Design . 10 t-shirts

This opportunity to earn money on the internet is currently booming.

You do not even have to design the T-shirt yourself.

If you have found an interesting topic, let it design for fiverr.

Printing, shipping and everything else is done by sites like teezily.com or www.spreadshirt.de

Is that realistic?

If you hit the nerve of the buyers, you can get pretty rich with the t-shirts.

But this includes the right market analysis and a lot of know-how that you can get here. *

If you want to know how to increase your money sensibly and quickly with the Babylon effect, we recommend this article to you.

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