10 Recommended Healthy Drink Recipes that are Easily

10 Recommended Healthy Drink Recipes that are Easily Made and Suitable for Daily Consumption

Keeping your body healthy must be done by everyone and if you are someone who cares about your health

, of course you will always pay attention to everything you consume, including drinks. Come on,

try the various healthy drinks recipes that are good for the body below!

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Besides White Water, Healthy Drinks are also Good for the Body

This is a variety of healthy juices that are suitable for daily consumption

Besides Fruit Juice, These 10 Other Healthy Drink Recipes That Can Be Tried

Besides White Water, Healthy Drinks are also Good for the Body

As a living creature with a large part of its body consisting of water, we cannot escape from consuming water.

Lack of fluid can make us become lethargic and the skin looks dull.

Water has a big role in our health because one of its functions is to help deliver nutrients to the disposal of waste in our bodies.

In a day, we need as much as 2 to 3 liters of water to stay healthy.

If you are tired of consuming water, you can consume other types of fluids. You can drink a variety of healthy drinks.

There are many healthy and refreshing drinks so you don’t need to be confused.

BP-Guide will give you various healthy drink recipes that you can make at home.

But before we saw the various juices that you can drink to maintain the immune system.

This is a variety of healthy juices that are suitable for daily consumption

Fresh Orange Juice

Orange is a source of refreshing vitamin C.

Can be consumed directly, but it will be more practical if the orange is processed into juice.

Diligent drinking orange juice can boost the immune system and also increase white blood cell production.

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial so it can detoxify the body, prevent cancer, and launch the blood circulation system.

Dates Juice

Date palm fruit is known as a fruit that is rich in benefits.

Good for children to adulthood, the main benefit is to increase the body’s immune system so it is not susceptible to various diseases.

This fruit can increase appetite in children and can overcome fatigue and lethargy.

This juice can nourish the heart and strengthen bones.

In addition, date juice can relieve allergies to increase energy for drinkers.

To make this drink you will need ingredients like the following.

Material :
2 mature dates
80 ml of liquid sugar
Ice Cube

How to make :

Wash all ingredients then peel the dates

Add dates, water and ice cubes to the blender.

Puree everything to mix well and serve immediately.

Banana Juice

Bananas are fruits that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin B.

These fruits are also rich in potassium and manganese which are good for boosting the immune system.

You can consume banana juice to get good benefits in bananas.

Banana juice can overcome anemia, help you lose weight, and stabilize cholesterol.

Banana juice is also suitable for you to consume as an energy-enhancing drink for the body.

To make it more delicious, you can add other fruits to make banana juice as in the following recipe.

  • Material :
    1/2 dragon fruit.
    1 Ambon Banana
    1 sachet of chocolate milk.
    150 mL of ice water.
  • How to make :
    Wash the banana and dragon fruit first, then peel the skin.
    Cut bananas and dragon fruit into small pieces.
    Add in a blender then add chocolate milk and ice water.
    Blend with a blender until blended evenly and pour in a serving glass.

Mango and Guava Juice

Mango and red guava juice can also be a healthy choice for you.

This juice can prevent heart disease and nourish the skin and hair to make it healthier.

This one drink is rich in vitamin C and fiber.

This juice can protect body cells and is able to repair and maintain cartilage, bones and teeth.

  • Material :
    1 mango
    1 red guava fruit
    2 tbsp sugar according to taste
    1 packet of sweetened condensed milk
    500 ml of ice water
  • How to make :

Peel the mango and then wash and cut.

Then blender with 500 ml of water until smooth and set aside.

Peel the guava and wash and cut. Blend with 500 ml of water then set aside.

Add the mango juice with guava juice into the blender.

Add sugar and sweetened condensed milk then blender briefly.

Pour in a glass and then ready to serve.

Carrot and Tomato Juice

Carrot juice combined with tomatoes is also good for health.

This drink is efficacious to nourish our eyes.

Rich in vitamin A, the combination of these two fruits in juice can help increase the body’s metabolism.

  • Material :
  • 2 small carrots
  • 4 medium-sized tomatoes
  • Ice Cube
  • Adequate sugar
  • How to make :

Peel the carrots and wash them with tomatoes.

Cut the fruit into small pieces and then put it in a blender.

Add sugar and ice cubes then puree until well blended.

Serve while cold to make it delicious.

Besides Fruit Juice, These 10 Other Healthy Drink Recipes That Can Be Tried

Green Juice

For those who want to always be healthy can try a variety of fruit juices that are not unusual.

For example, this one green juice.

A combination of fruit and green vegetables will make this juice have a refreshing and healthy taste.

  • Material :
    8 kiwi fruit
    3 green apples
    1/2 cucumber
    5 cm of fresh ginger
    1 handful of mint leaves
    4 ice cubes
  • How to make :

Peel kiwi fruit, apples and cucumbers.

Clean the ginger by peeling the skin.

Wash all fruits, ginger and mint leaves.

Take the blender then puree all ingredients together.

Serve in a serving glass in addition to ice cubes.

You can also buy green juice online.

For example, 500 ml Kale Juice which is classified as a detox drink.

This product from Juice Your Day is made from the best fruits and vegetables from farmer partners Lumbung Bhumi.

Made without preservatives and artificial sweeteners, these drinks can be bought at Shopee for Rp. 34,000.

Ice Coconut Lime

A hot afternoon will definitely be fresher if you drink young coconut ice.

You can mix this drink with lime so that the taste becomes more refreshing and is able to remove thirst.

You can make this drink easily.

  • Material :
    1 fresh young coconut
    2 lemon
    Adequate sugar
    Ice cubes as needed
  • How to make :

Split the coconut and take the water and the fruit flesh.

Take the container and pour it with young coconut water.

Add sugar and stir until dissolved.

Add lime juice and stir evenly
Take a serving glass then fill it with young coconut meat then give it ice cubes.

Pour with coconut water mixed with lime juice and ready to be served.

Mango Squash

Mango squash drinks are being sought after today.

This sweet drink has a soft texture.

No need to buy it because you can make it yourself easily.

  • Material :
    300 grams of sweet fragrant mango meat
    150 ml of mango syrup
    200 ml of ice cubes
    1 can of soda water
    3 passion fruit
    1 lemon
  • How to make :

Take the mangoes and then peel and wash, cut to taste.

Squeeze the lemon and set aside the water.

Take a blender, add the mango slices and add lemon juice.

Give ice then blender evenly.

Mix the mango flavor syrup and soft drinks with mashed mango and stir evenly.

Serve with passion fruit to make it more fresh.

You can also buy Sunquick Mango Squash. This drink is made from real fruit juice with vitamin content.

Made without preservatives, this product is good for health. You can buy it at Lazada for Rp. 32,500.

Dragon Fruit Soup

Healthy drinks do not always have strong odors and boring taste.

For example, you can make the following delicious and healthy dragon fruit soup.

Without bother, this dish can be given to the whole family.

  • Material :
    Red Dragon
    Enough sugar
    2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk
    Enough water
    Adequate ice cubes
  • How to make :

Peel all fruit from the skin and then wash and cut to taste and set aside.

Brew sugar with hot water then set aside.

Take the bowl then arrange the pieces of fruit.

Give sugar water then add ice cubes.

Pour white water and sweetened condensed milk and stir evenly and ready to serve.

Mango Smoothies

Mango smoothies are a fresh and healthy drink.

This drink can facilitate digestion and is also able to boost the immune system.

Besides being able to clean the skin to make it brighter, this drink can also help nourish the eyes.

  • Material :
    1 large ripe mango
    250 ml of flavorless yogurt
    150 ml of low-fat milk
    1 cup of ice is destroyed
  • How to make :

Peel the mangoes and then wash and cut into small pieces.

Take a blender and add the mango pieces.

Add yogurt and low-fat milk.

Add the cut ice into the blender.

Blend until evenly distributed and immediately pour into a serving glass and ready to drink.

Lemon Orange Water

No need to bother, if you want to enjoy a healthy drink, you can also drink lemon juice

which is certainly easy to make and serve as in the following way!

  • Material :
    5 kg of fresh lemon
    125 grams of refined sugar
    3 grams of citric acid
    1 gram of sodium benzoate
    20 grams of salt
    Enough water
  • How to make :

Wash the lemon fruit and then slice it small and squeeze the water.

Mix lemon juice with sugar and water.

Then add sodium benzoate, citric acid, and kitchen salt.

For comparison, 1 liter of lemon juice can be mixed with 1 1/2 liters of water.
If it has been mixed it can be filtered and the results put in a bottle and closed tightly.

Put the bottle in boiling water for 30 minutes.

Lift and chill and ready to be served.

Lemon Lemona Diet Juice Slimming Drink is practical lemon water that can be purchased online.

Packed in a 500ml bottle, this product can be taken 2 times a day. Get it at Shopee for Rp. 95,000.

Es Bolo-Bolo Buah

You may still be unfamiliar with this type of drink.

Ice bolo bolo fruit is a kind of healthy fruit ice that is served with milk like fruit soup.

Want to know how to make it?

Try the recipe below!

  • Bolo-bolo material:
    200 ml of low fat liquid milk
    1 teaspoon of powdered gelatin
    1 teaspoon of instant jelly powder
    30 grams of sugar
    200 ml of water
  • Fruit material:
    150 grams of green melon
    150 grams of cantaloupe
    150 grams of watermelon
    400 grams of ice cubes
  • Syrup material:
    250 ml of water
    80 grams of sugar
    1 sheet of pandan leaves
  • How to make :

Take melon, cantaloupe, and watermelon and cut it round using a round spoon and set it aside first.

Make bolo bolo first by mixing water and jelly powder. Add the agar powder then boil while stirring.

Give granulated sugar then stir constantly using low heat.

If it will boil, you can add the milk and cook until it boils and turn off the flame.

Pour bolo in ice cube molds and chill and set aside.

For the syrup, you can boil all ingredients until boiling and then set aside.

Take the container, arrange the pieces in various pieces neatly.

Give bolo-bolo on the fruit and add ice cubes.

Pour the pandan syrup and serve.

Red Bean Ice

This one drink is quite popular in Palembang.

This drink contains red beans mixed with coconut milk and syrup.

It feels like refreshing as well as of course sweet and savory delights.

  • Material :
    150 ml of water
    1 packet of instant coconut milk
    100 grams of red beans
    1/2 tsp salt
    1 sheet of pandan leaves
    enough liquid brown sugar
  • How to make :

Start by boiling red beans for 15 minutes until done.

Turn off the heat but let the beans remain in the pan.

Mix the coconut milk with water then boil and stir occasionally.

Add salt and pandan leaves to fragrance and stir evenly.

Take the container and arrange the beans, ice cubes, coconut milk sauce and add liquid brown sugar.

Manggo Chia Milkshake

The blend of mangoes and chia seeds can also be one of the healthiest drinks consumed when on a diet.

Chia seeds that are rich in fiber are also very good for those who are on a diet.

Check out the recipe and how to make it the following!

  • Material :
    1 sachet of sweetened condensed milk
    2 tablespoons chia / basil
    2 mangoes, cut
    2 cups of water
  • How to make :

Take a glass and mix sweetened condensed milk with a glass of water.

Mix well then mix with chia and cool for 1 hour.

Blend milk and mango until smooth.

Pour in serving glasses and ready to be served.

Es Lemon Selasih

Selasih is also known as one of the healthy grains that contain fiber and is good for relieving heartburn.

Let’s try drinking fresh and good lemon ice for the following body!

  • Material :
    20 ml of lime juice
    350 ml of water
    6 tablespoons of sugar
    1 tbsp basil which is soaked in water
  • How to make :

Take the glass and put in the lime juice.

Mix with water and sugar and mix well.

Enter the basil, then add ice cubes to make it fresher before serving.

Lemon Juice Lemongrass is a type of beverage that you can buy online.

Practically just drink, this drink can refresh thirst. You can buy it at Shopee for Rp. 8,000 for a size of 250ml.

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