For those of you with tanned skin,here is the Highlight Color that suits you!

For those of you with tanned skin, here is the Highlight Color that suits you!

Picking hair features that are appropriate for dark colored skin shading is in reality simple in such a case that wrong it will make you look dull.

In any case, there’s no compelling reason to stress, here are the hair features that are directly for you.

Mahogany Hair Color

This shading is really appropriate for all skin tones.

Be that as it may, the shades of dull darker in this shading make the Beautynesian dark colored skin considerably more brilliant!

This shading is reasonable for you to make features in your “virgin” hair.

Caramel Highlights

This hair shading feature is one of the hues that is very well known for this present year.

Caramel features offer shading to your hair without making it unreasonable.

Other than that, by utilizing this shading you likewise don’t need to try pondering how to coordinate your outfit, Beautynesian!

Dim Auburn Hair

All things considered, this one shading is somewhat ruddy yet in the dark colored shades, it’s beautynesian!

This shading is ideal for you darker cleaned ones. Take a stab at applying this shading as a hair feature.

This shading will give a crisp and sparkly impression to your general appearance, with the goal that your face will look more brilliant and fresher!

Dark colored Hair Esspresso

In spite of the fact that this shading looks like dark however there is as yet a slight darker emphasize

that makes your dark colored skin all the more gleaming.

This hair feature is ideal for those of you who have not set out to color your hair with “unconventional” hues.

This shading will make your look characteristic yet at the same time staggering. Set out to attempt?

Without Bleaching, You Can Get Perfect Colors with These 4 Hair Paints, you know!

Having hair with shading as indicated by your desires does without a doubt sound charming.

Be that as it may, to get the ideal shading, by and large you need to fade first.

The dying procedure is known to be simpler to make harmed hair, other than the procedure likewise takes quite a while.

Also the costly expenses. Be that as it may, you don’t stress, there are some great hair paints and

the correct hues so you don’t need to experience the blanching procedure first. Here are 4 great hair paints without dying.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion

In the event that you need splendid hues without utilizing fading, you can attempt L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion.

Not at all like the typical L’Oreal variations, L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion offers bolder and remarkable design style hues.

For those of you who need red hair, you can attempt one of the variations of this gathering.

Without blanching, the red shading can in any case be found in your dim hair.

Despite the fact that the shading won’t turn red, your hair will at present look red.

For hues other than red, you will get the shading effectively without experiencing the fading procedure first.

Piece Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

This hair color is not quite the same as other hair paints as cream.

Exercise Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring is a decent hair color with cleanser.

This hair color is produced using regular bloom remove, so it won’t harm your hair.

Different favorable circumstances, you can utilize this hair color without fading first.

The shading will turn out effectively on your hair.

Likewise, the fragrance of hair paint is great, the smell smells like a cake so

there is no smell of synthetic compounds that are generally stinging.

Hyper Panic

On the off chance that you hear the name Manic Panic, you will promptly quickly envision the one of a kind hues

that require a fading procedure first. Try not to misunderstand me, Beautynesian! In the event that you pick the correct shading,

you can utilize the hair color without blanching.

To be sure the shading that will turn out on your hair won’t be actually equivalent to it ought to be,

however in the event that you need a shading that isn’t excessively gaudy, this is a stage that you should attempt.

The hues that can be useful for your hair without blanching are hues like red, blue, pink, and other striking hues.

Holika Holika Angel’s Ring Bubble Hair Color

This time, it’s time for you to try a good hair dye with a foam form, namely Holika Holika Angel’s Ring Bubble Hair Color.

This one hair dye is very easy for you to apply yourself without the help of others.

In addition, colors that can be your choice can enter the hair well without having to go through the bleaching process first.

There are four color choices you can choose, namely Choco Brown, Deep Black, Milk Black, and Red Wine.

You can choose according to your wishes, you can find bright or dark colors on this hair dye from Holika Holika.

That’s the 4 recommendations for good hair paint without bleaching and you really have to try it.

The four products are very easy to find in Indonesia and the color choices are very diverse.

You can choose according to your preferences. Let’s try coloring your hair without doing the bleaching process first.

Do you think that Beautynesian wants to color your hair?

How to Make Beautiful Korean Hairstyles in Just 1 Minute

As always, Korea always has its own fashion style and makeup.

This time, try to look at the Korean style fast model.

Take a look at 2 Korean-style hair speed tutorial videos here so you can look like your favorite Korean artist!

One more variety of quick models that you can try is korean hair bun or a fast-wearing Korean-style model.

Just like ordinary hairpins, you can try Korean to attend casual or formal events too!

The method is also no less easy with normal hair. Scroll down!


The first tutorial video of beauty blogger and bubzbeauty vlogger is suitable for

those of you who really want to look cute in the style of Korean women.

First, you can make a wave using a curling iron, because the speed model is more suitable and easier to do with textured hair.

Then, tie the hair into a ponytail or ponytail at the top of the head.

After that, arrange the hair that dangles from the ponytail to form a fountain, then use a hair tie from the top.

Pull and loosen the pin to make it look bigger and full.

FYI, this method will produce a bun shape like you use a donut bun.

When it’s finished, you can set it with hairspray.


If the above model is suitable for formal events, then this beautifymeeh beauty vlogger

hair bun model is more suitable for you to hangout or just relax against the hot weather.

Starting with ponytail, this time you don’t need to form your hair like a donut bun.

Just turn your ponytail and roll around the hair tie, then tie it with another hair tie and be a Korean messy bun!

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