4 Easy Ways to Make Hair Updo for You with Medium Hair

4 Easy Ways to Make Hair Updo for You with Medium Hair

Talking about hairstyle problems will never end.

Every year there may be the latest hairstyles that we can try to follow.

For us women, sometimes still confused what kind of hair style to wear.

Well, for those of you who are moderately haired,

you can follow a number of ways of hair updo that are easy to try, such as ways to take this.

Hair has special features, because medium hair can be styled in a more innovative and casual way.

When choosing an updo style, we can display very beautiful hair, if done correctly.

Without further ado, let’s see how to easily update the hair as follows.

4 Easy Ways to Updo Hair for You Who Have Medium Hair

1. Two Braided Updo
One of the most basic of hair updos, two braided updos are one style that is safe to use every day.

This is a neat look that can be used for almost every occasion.

What you need:

Elastic hair


A comb that has a sharp grip on the end

Fine comb

Hairspray to hold hair

Bobby pin


Use a sharp-pointed comb to create a central partition and divide the hair into two parts.
Gather each part and tie each one to a high pigtail.
Divide each piece into two parts, just as you would for a braided rope.
Start working your hair in two braids until you reach the end.
Secure the tip of the braid with elastic hair.
Now overlapping each other’s braids to create an updo.
Slip the tip of the braid using a U-pin.
Use bobby pin to tame flyaways.
Finish styling using a light-resistant hairspray to keep the hairstyle neat and finished.

2. Low Bun style

Classy and elegant, this low bun style is very pleasing to the eye.

Very stylish to say the least, this hairdo also makes your hair look slimmer.

What you need:

Brush brush
Fine comb
Hair elastic
Bobby pins

Using a sharp-pointed comb, partition the inner side.
Separate the crown of hair with the help of a pointed tip.
Secure the crown of the hair using sectioning clips.

This will ensure that it will not interfere with the bottom styling.
Make a low side bun near the nape of your neck using the bottom.
Remove the crown from the clip and snapping his back for extra volume on the knob.
Now smooth the crown surface and brush it back towards the bun.
Wrap the part around the bun.
Slip on the top edge around the bun using a U-pin.
Secure flyaways with hair clips.
Keep the hairdo in place with a light-resistant hairspray.

3. Messy Top Bun

This hairstyle is quickly corrected if you experience a bad thing.

Add an accessory with a headband for that extra edge.

What you need:

Paddle brush
Flirting comb
Elastic hair
Light-hold hairspray


Use a paddle brush to comb all your hair back.
Flirt the top of the crown with a teasing brush for extra volume.
Gather all the hair on the back of your head and start twisting the length of your hair.
Circle the hair through elastic hair to make an updo semicircle.
Fasten it with a U-pin.
Drag a few framing faces for a normal look.
Add hairdo accessories with a headband.
Finish with a light-resistant hairspray to keep the hairstyle neat.
4. Bun With Side Braids
A tiny and elegant updo.

This subtle style is perfect for accentuating your feminine features.

What you need:

Smooth Elastic Comb
Light-resistant hairspray


To create a central partition. On both sides, take two parts from the top of the crown.
Secure the rest of your hair into a ponytail by wrapping a strand from the nape of your neck around it.
Now, start circling the pigtails around it to make a bun.
After you hook the ponytail into the bun, tighten it with a hair tie.
Start working these parts into the side braids by combining the strands of the

face together with the two parts set aside previously.
After reaching the end, tighten the braids with elastic small hair.
Now wrap the braids over the low bun by overlapping.
Give a little light hairspray.

This is a very popular hairstyle which can be easily done if the length of the section is not very short.

If they are long then this can also be done if they are very short then this cannot be done.

This is also easy to wear and sweat free during warmer season or for day out occasions.

Shoulder Length Sleek Bob with Fringes

This hairstyle can be considered quite extreme for a square face.

The presence of bangs is intended to reduce the exposed part of the forehead.

While shoulder-length bob pieces help get an oval silhouette to smooth your face shape.

To get this hairstyle, first comb your hair evenly. Let the bangs cover part of the forehead.

Straighten the hair with curves. Form a slight wave on the tip of the hair.

Spray a little hairspray to keep the hair shape.

Asymetric Short Bob with Bangs

If you plan to cut your hair short, this piece of asymmetrical bob will save you.

The length of the two sides of the hair that is not the same will form the illusion of a slimmer and longer face.

The tip of the hair that is blown in will soften the jaw line as well.

When you get home from the salon, just comb the hair evenly and make sure where your hair is.

Don’t forget to use a hair serum to reduce damage. Straighten the hair with curves.

At the ends of the hair to blow in. Spray hairspray to maintain the shape of the hairdo.

Red Bob Wine

This hairstyle refines the form of a stiff face but still shows how strong

your character radiates through the cheekbones and beautiful jawline.

Bob’s haircut makes your wine’s red hair look charming.

Use hair serum before styling your hair. Straighten the hair with curves.

Still with the same veil, at the ends of the hair make fine curls inward.

Roll the bangs inward too, and spray a little hairspray to lock the hairdo.

Platinum Blond Layers with Side Swept Bangs

The appearance of this hairstyle will make your appearance more attractive.

Only by making a few volumes on the hair, but your facial bone structure will be more charming.

Use serum in hair to protect hair from this hair process.

Brush your hair evenly and divide it into several parts.

Sasak the base of the hair to increase volume.

Finish with sasak, straighten the hair shaft with veil.

Arrange bangs to one side, blow in bangs with polish.

Blow dry so that the hairdo per section appears to be fused.

Wavy Rainbow Layer

If your hair is colorful, it’s time to add a little wave and let it steal a lot of attention.

Wavy hair will smooth the stiff impression on your square face.

Divide the hair into several parts. Point bangs in one direction.

Use styling mousse to protect hair during the arrangement process.

Vise the hair by forming large waves. Do it per section.

Trim your hair by hand, spray a little hairspray to keep the hairstyle.

Fiery Long Curls

Wavy to curly hair will add charm to an appearance.

As an example of frizz on red hair besides softening the facial lines also adds a feminine impression.

Divide hair into several parts, use styling mousse. Curly hair with curves, until all parts are finished.

When done, trim your hair by hand and spray a little hairspray.



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