4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips Safe and Healthy can be done

4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips Safe

 Ways Whiten Tips Safe and Healthy

4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips Safe and Healthy can be done

Ways whitening tips Safe and Healthy use cosmetic products such as whitening creams and lotions

4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips Safe and Healthy can be done.

you should use natural ingredients such as milk, 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips vegetables and fruit.

4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips Come see what fruits can make white skin.

Does Beautiful have to be white?

White and smooth natural skin is a dream for everyone, 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips especially women.

This is because the Indonesian people have the impression that 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips white skin is identical to beautiful.

Who are women who don’t want to look beautiful?

Well, who is beautiful? Enjoyed publicly or only for my beloved husband?

Please answer the question and return to each individual.

In this article we present ways and 5 tips to make your skin look whiter naturally.

But for those of you who want the skin to look white and more beautiful you can read the article How to whiten skin below carefully.

 skin whitening is safe, but long

The way that I will share below is using  methods, aka no chemicals (beauty products). Why should it be natural ???

The answer, because it is cheaper and safer for the future, although it must be painstaking in carrying out this method.

Additional note: to get maximum white skin it can’t be instant, if you are offered a beauty product that gives a short / instant white guarantee,

it’s worthy of your suspicion, don’t let the product contain

dangerous ingredients for your skin.

For those of you who sell skin whitening products, please use the face whitening cream maklon service from a trusted cosmetic manufacturer.

Plus someone’s white skin depends, on hereditary factors, race, class, etc., but the method below can be a solution,

although it may not be white like a white person, at least the skin will look cleaner and smoother, so it is more beautiful, heheh.

Whiten Skin Naturally

Here are 5 ways or steps you must do to get beautiful skin naturally.

How to Whiten the Skin of the Body Using Milk

How to whiten this skin using the help of condensed milk / cream, this method proves to be very effective to brighten the skin.

The ways to whiten skin with milk are as follows:

Prepare thick cream milk

Then apply to the area of ​​the skin you want to highlight the color

Do this method after you take a shower / or if you don’t wash, clean the surface of the skin by wiping it first.

Let the thick milk stick on the skin for about 30 minutes and clean it.

For how to whiten the skin of the body, you can read it in full in our article:

how to whiten body skin, in the article there are many choices of ways to make the skin of the body naturally.

How to whiten facial skin using Bengkoang fruit

One of the fruits that is very good for our beauty and health is bengkoang fruit,

even though there are actually many fruits that you can use to treat the beauty of your skin.

And one of them with tomatoes, the function of tomatoes is very and very much to know the benefits you can read it in the benefits of tomatoes for

the face or the benefits of tomatoes to deal with acne.

But this time the way to whiten the face specifically for bengkoang fruit.

Why is it good for beauty?

This is because the yam contains  calcium and phosphorus compounds, as we know that this compound is very good for the skin.

As for how to whiten the face with yam as follows:

Prepare enough yam fruit, clean the skin and grated yam.

Squeeze the grated bengkoang fruit and take the water only

Pour the juice into a clear bowl, let it sit until the white sediment is released below.

After the white precipitate appears, remove the clean water and use a jug of sediment for a natural face mask.

How to whiten foot skin Using Carrot Vegetables

Besides being good for body health, you can also use carrot vegetables for clean, and beautiful looking foot skin solutions.

To read articles on the benefits of carrots for health you can read them in full: the benefits of carrots for health.

The way to whiten the skin with carrot vegetables is as follows:

Prepare fresh carrots for me

Clean / wash carrots with water until clean

Grate / blender carrot until smooth

Add additional body lotion to the grated carrots.

The next step is to spread evenly to the skin area of ​​the foot and leave it for some time.

Why carrots are good for skin beauty, because they contain natural beta-carotene compounds.

How to whiten the black armpit skin Using Lime

Why must lime fruit 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips????

The answer is because lime contains a lot of vitamin C, this vitamin is what can later help you whiten underarm skin.

The method of application is as follows:

Prepare enough lime and whiting

Squeeze the lime and just take the lime juice

Mix with a little whiting

Stir until both ingredients until ingredients are evenly mixed

Apply a mixture of skin to your armpits.

Wait a while for the ingredients to work (10-15 minutes)

Use this method every time you take a shower

Do it for 1 week routine. insy @ underarm skin will look white

Now that’s some way to whiten the face naturally, for those of you who want to try please apply it yourself in each house.

Don’t forget to do it regularly so that the results can be maximized.

5 Tips on How to Safely Whiten Bright Skin with a Body Lotion

Humans are born with skin that consists of the epidermis and dermis.

At the epidermal layer, there is a melanin pigment that can produce skin color.

But if the melanin pigment is produced too much, someone who has white skin will look darker, and even look dull if not treated.

Then how can we suppress the production of melanin pigments in the epidermal layer on our skin?

Here are 5 simple and safe ways to whiten skin that you should note:

Drinking water 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips

Drinking water with a mixture other than helping the body to facilitate the distribution of oxygen and nutrients in our blood cells,

it also can provide  moisture and lightening to the skin. White and healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy body too.

White skin will be in vain if it is not supported by good body health, because even white skin can look pale and dull.

Eat papaya fruit 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips

Papaya fruit is able to facilitate the removal of raw water, and

if consumed regularly it turns out this fruit can make the skin become whiter and radiant.

Avoid the sun 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips

The hot sun can make the skin black or even burn and irritate.

For those of you who have a lot of outdoor activities protect your body’s skin using body skin moisturizers

that contain anti-UVA and UVB formulas or by wearing long-sleeved clothing made from light so that your skin is not damaged by sun exposure especially during the day.

Eat vegetables and salmon

Dead skin cells that burn in the sun, can be difficult to replace with new skin cells if the diet is not maintained,

and the skin can look blacker and unhealthy.

Eat vegetables and salmon because the good fats contained in them can help skin regenerate new skin cells that are better and certainly look brighter.

Use scrubs or scrubs 4 Ways 5 Natural Whiten Tips

Dead skin that continues to touch the skin will cause the skin to become black or dull.

To overcome this, use scrubs or scrubs that can remove dead skin cells and make them whiter.

Use scrubs or scrubs that contain bengkoang or mangir, because bengkoang are very safe  skin whitener.

Also use sunblocks and UV filtering lotions.

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