65 New Online Business Courses You Can Take for Free (or Close to Free)

The bad news about the modern world is that, thanks to tech, things are changing so fast you’re almost certainly going to have to keep updating your skills throughout your career if you want to be successful. The good news? Thanks to tech, it’s also easier — and cheaper — to do that than ever before.

I am talking, obviously, about the incredible wealth of free or close to free online courses out there. You can already learn just about anything, from Renaissance art to programming in Python, via MOOC (for the uninitiated, that’s Massive Open Online Course). But as rich and varied as these online offerings already are, Dhawal Shah, founder of online learning portal Class Central, insists we’re just getting started.

He recently shared a whopping 600 new courses that have launched in just the past four months alone on Quartz. There’s everything from an art history class about an English castle to a deep dive into space shuttle engineering. But here for business-minded Inc.comreaders are all the business classes (minus the foreign language options, though French, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish speakers can check out the complete list).

  1. Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health from Harvard University

  2. Introduction to Systematic Reviews from Stanford Medicine

  3. The Role of Impact Assessments in Real Estate Development from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  4. Creating Shared Benefits in Real Estate Development from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  5. FinTech Law and Policy from Duke University

  6. Auditing I: Conceptual Foundations of Auditing from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  7. Auditing II: The Practice of Auditing from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

  8. Managing My Money for Young Adults from The Open University

  9. Using Email for Networking in English from University of Washington

  10. Safety in the Utility Industry from University at Buffalo

  11. Energy Industry: The Enterprise from University at Buffalo

  12. Agile Meets Design Thinking from University of Virginia

  13. Customer Segmentation and Prospecting from Northwestern University

  14. Building a Toolkit for Your Sales Process from Northwestern University

  15. Sales Pitch and Closing from Northwestern University

  16. Connecting with Sales Prospects from Northwestern University

  17. FinTech Security and Regulation (RegTech) from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  18. FinTech Risk Management from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  19. Market Segmentation Analysis from University of Queensland

  20. Influencing Stakeholders: Dealing with Power and Dynamics in Teams and Networksfrom Delft University of Technology

  21. Waste Management and Critical Raw Materials from Delft University of Technology

  22. Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy from Delft University of Technology

  23. Effective Decision Making: Dealing with Business Complexity from Delft University of Technology

  24. Electric Cars: Business from Delft University of Technology

  25. Measure and Improve Innovation at the Workplace from Universitat Politècnica de València

  26. Foreign Exchange Markets: Concepts, Instruments, Risks and Derivatives from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  27. Special Topics in Risk Management of Banking and Financial Markets from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  28. Banking & Financial Intermediation: Concepts, Risks, Capital & Regulation from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  29. Risk Management in Banking and Financial Markets Professional Certificate Examfrom Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  30. Money & Debt Markets: Concepts, Instruments, Risks and Derivatives from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  31. Equity Stock Markets: Concepts, Instruments, Risks and Derivatives from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

  32. Intelligence Tools for the Digital Age from IE Business School

  33. Social and Digital Media Analytics from Purdue University

  34. Introduction to Strategic Doing: An Agile Approach to Strategy from Purdue University

  35. Designing and Implementing Effective Entrepreneurship Policies from Politecnico di Milano

  36. Financial Regulation in Emerging Markets and the Rise of Fintech Companies from University of Cape Town

  37. Executing Breakthrough Innovations with the Three Box Solution from Dartmouth

  38. Developing Breakthrough Innovations with the Three Box Solution from Dartmouth

  39. Influencer Marketing Strategy from Rutgers University

  40. Supply Chain Analytics Essentials from Rutgers University

  41. Culture of Services: Paradox of Customer Relations from Kyoto University

  42. Finance for Startups from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  43. Advanced Valuation and Strategy – M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital from Erasmus University Rotterdam

  44. Organisational design: Know your organisation from Macquarie University

  45. Organisational behaviour: Know your people from Macquarie University

  1. Proficiency in using RAMP for Risk Management of work-related injuries from KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  2. Discover the Leader in You: Six Questions to Ask Yourself from Austin Peay State University

  3. SMEs and New Markets: Trade, the Chinese Powerhouse and Online Opportunitiesfrom Deakin University

  4. SMEs and Digital Engagement from Deakin University

  5. Data Analysis for Decision Making from University System of Maryland

  6. Applied Scrum for Project Management from University System of Maryland

  7. Leadership and Influence from University System of Maryland

  8. Driving Speed through Agile Planning from University System of Maryland

  9. Global Business Strategy from University System of Maryland

  10. Corporate Finance from University System of Maryland

  11. Agile Solutions for Greater Innovation from University System of Maryland

  12. Agile Leadership Principles from University System of Maryland

  13. The Importance of Project Management in the Global Construction Industry from Coventry University

  14. An Introduction to Financial Management in Construction from Coventry University

  15. Principles of Service Management from Hanken School of Economics

  16. An Introduction to the Assessment of People at Work from Coventry University

  17. Bridging the Gap between Strategy Design and Delivery from Brightline Initiative

  18. An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour: How to Understand Your People from Coventry University

  19. Understanding Financial Statements from Coventry University

  20. Management Essentials from Honeywell

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