9 Hairstyles That Will Make Your Love Shine

9 Hairstyles That Will Make Your Love Shine

Hair is a woman’s crown. Just by changing the style a little, we can look totally different.

It’s really exciting when we can just make people cry by changing their hairstyles?

Medium-length hair or shoulder hair is the most common hair in society, a universal hair type.

There are many styles that can be applied to this hairstyle, and certainly will not be endless.

You can braid it, tie bun, horsetail, or just store it, as you like because all styles can match this shoulder type.

But when you run out of ideas what your hair will look like, maybe you should see this one article.

There are 9 cool and funny ways you can try applying it to your hair.

Apart from being out of business, you can use these 9 hairstyles in various events such as parties, offices, schools, or just to go with friends.

Let’s look at any style you can try.

You don’t need to bother going to the salon. If you are bored with three braid hairstyles or horse ponytails,

just look at the 9 beautiful styles that Hipwee shows here. No need to spend a lot of money to make your hair look elegant.

Just keep the money you want to spend at the salon, who knows you can use it to fill the contents of the cupboards with essential fashion items?

1. Beautiful Side Braids for Short Hair

Front Comb front hair to the left or right. Take a few pieces to braid.

Try to pick up the hair until the part that grows in the back is braided so that the braids don’t “hang”.

Do multilevel braids to the ends of the hair, then tie with a hair rope. So, bro.

For fun events, you can decorate it with a few small flowers to make it more beautiful.

2. For those of you who plan to attend official events …

Confused about how to be different at the seminar next week?

You can use this hairstyle to be more confident.

The trick is easy, tie the hair at the base.

Then turn the part of your hair that dangles to look like a bun.

Don’t forget, pinch the base of your hair with a hair clip.

So it’s simple and neat, right?

3. Want to hangout with friends on the beach and want to stay beautiful?

You Can Try This Hairstyle.

Do you feel hot with the heat before the rain lately? You can try this hairstyle.

Tie your hair over your head, then tie it again with a rather thick hair tie.

After that, break your hair ties to look like a fountain, then you put the ends into the hair ties.

Divide the hair into two sides, then make a braid around the hair ties.

Don’t forget to end your bun with a pin. So, bro.

Your vacation is more comfortable, because you don’t need to be warm.

4. Get pretty with a hair bow!

You don’t need to buy ribbons to decorate plastic tape in your hair.

Just make a ribbon with your own hair.

Well, this one hairstyle is very simple.

First, take a small part of the front hair from the right and left side, then tie it back to form a ribbon.

Then, pin it with a small bobby pin. It’s easy?

Your long hair will look more elegant with this ribbon style.

5. Your Long Hair Can Be More Elegant With This Big Ribbon Style.

First date? Do you want it? Want to take a photo?

To look more elegant, you can use this big ribbon hairstyle.

Unlike the previous small ribbon, this one is more volume and “stand out”.


First, take some of the hair on the right and left side.

Tie with a transparent hair tie, then split the bond.

Take a small portion of hair that is still dangling, then “wrap” in the middle of the ribbon.

To be tighter, pin it with a small clamp.

Abakadabraaa, your beautiful ribbon is guaranteed to make your appearance sweeter.

6. Who Is the Short Hair Can’t Look Anggun?

For those of you who have short hair, surely you are most confused if you want to get hair for a wedding event.

Because it’s so confused, it’s not uncommon for you to just decorate your hair with pretty tongs.

But actually you can make French Bun with your short hair!

Well, this is one of the tips you can follow to make your hair neater.

You only need a hair tie and a clip.

Tie, then twist, tuck, and pinch to make it neater and not easily dislodged. Don’t forget hairspray.

Only then decorate with your favorite hairpins.

7. You Can Try This Hairstyle For All Your Activities.

Bored with that hair tie just like that? You can try this style.

Besides being suitable for any event, this style is also easy.

You tie your hair in the back, then braid. After that, bend and don’t forget to clamp.

Now, the rest of the hair that hasn’t been braided can you wrap it around your hair. It’s easy?

For official events you can add flower clips or butterflies behind it.

Or you can provide clamps on the front. Your day will be more fun!

8. Braid Style For Short Hair That Wants To Look More Stylish

For those with short hair, you can also try this hair dressing.

You only need to do multilevel braids to the back on both sides of your hair, right and left.

You can tie it with a ribbon to make it look more beautiful.

9. Again, this is an easy style for appearing at parties!

You don’t like your hair loose during parties?

Besides you can make a roll like before, you can also let your braids dangle down, you know. Here’s how.

First, comb your hair, then take a few pieces and cross each other.

Hold each hair that is crossed with a small black clamp.

Do this until it touches the neck, then put all the hair and braids together. After that tie.

Don’t forget to decorate with small flowers so that your hair looks more elegant.

Well, who says to look beautiful is expensive?

The hairstyle above looks pretty easy, right?

Come on, practice it yourself in the mirror of your room!

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