7 Ways to Get Money Easily with Mobile Phones!

7 Ways to Get Money Easily with Mobile Phones!

January 19, 2018 | Posted by Riri Anggraheni Eka Rimandasari | Investment,

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How, how to get money easily?

Especially for those of you who are still in college and cannot work in the formal sector.

Check out 7 ways to get money easily with smart phones!

Have you ever thought of using a smartphone to get money easily?

If you can make money through the smartphone you use, you will no longer worry about credit and quota issues.

Already so, if you can get a lot of money,

it is not impossible you can buy a new smartphone to replace the smartphone that you are now using, right?

Even if you earn a lot you can use to pay for college, pay installments or for savings.

Come on, follow how to get money easily with the following options:

Easy way to earn money via a smartphone

Isn’t it fun to have your own income especially by just using your smartphone?

Especially for those of you who are still in college and have not worked permanently.

Here are some choices for how to easily get through a smartphone.

Use the microtasking application

Try checking your smartphone, has it been supported with the microtasking application?

Many smartphone applications offer microtasking services in exchange for cash or credit.

Only by doing special tasks given  the application, you can get money. Want?

An example of the application is Snapcart which will give you cashback from the shopping receipt

that you photograph, or Cashtree which gives you credit if you frequently unlock your smartphone.

Well, this also includes how to get money quickly through a smartphone application, guys. Let’s go!

Offering services

Having a lot of ability but confused how to channel it?

Duh, it’s a shame to try and offer your services with your skills.

Or you can jailbreak your iPhone? Or good at all Android smartphone problems?

And know how to break into a smartphone that is locked by iCloud or Google Account?

If yes, sell your services through the social media channel that you have.

Guaranteed pocket money will continue to flow anyway if you sell services from your expertise. Fun, right?

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Not familiar with this term? Dropshipping is a cool term for activities to help sell other people’s items.

Well, this is also a way to get money easily via a smartphone.

In this era  online shop that is increasingly mushrooming, you can really open a shop without having to have items to sell.

The point like you are promoting other store property on your social media account, or even in your own online shop account.

Wow, of course it will be interesting.

Later every time a buyer enters you, your job is to contact the seller to send the goods to the consumer who bought them.

Exclaimed right? To do dropshipping you can use a BlackBerry Messenger account, Facebook, or Instagram.

So, try to understand how dropshipping is right.

Become an influencer

Many say that easy access to the internet makes more opportunities for ways to get money quickly without capital.

For example, by becoming an influencer.

Especially nowadays vendors and manufacturers are starting to glance at businesses through the internet.

Well, if you are  celebrity on social media and have a lot of followers, you can really get pocket money just by using a smartphone.

By endorsing products on your social media account, it guaranteed that you will get additional pocket money easily.

Want to try it, guys?

Become an event organizer

Why, how come event organizers are categorized as ways to get money easily via a smartphone?

The event organizer is done manually such as finding vendors and clients.

Not really, you can be an event organizer or even a hooray team using a smartphone.

For example, in the event of major events such as elections there is always a special team formed?

Where the task of this team is to enliven an issue raised to the public.

Later this team will be given a special fee.

For example, being a social media admin or content writer that doesn’t need to deal directly with the event manually but rather digitally.

Exclaimed right?

Selling stock photos

After knowing and starting to explore the choice of how to get money easily via a smartphone,

don’t forget to understand how to manage money well.

This is often underestimated by many people or even ignored.

Even if you are not good at managing money, the impact is on your financial problems.

So understand and follow the following ways of managing money:

Prioritize savings

Tips on managing money are things that must be prioritized if you want to be successful, namely saving.

Every money you receive, whether from parents or for those of you who have received a monthly salary from your work,

always remember to prioritize savings.

This savings will be very useful for your future, whether it’s to build your business or investment plan later on.

Of course this savings will also make you have a money printing machine or passive income

if you have sufficient knowledge and begin to experience managing it well with the various investment vehicles available.

Did you know that Warren Buffet (the second richest person in the world after Bill Gates according to Forbes 2017 version)

started his business when he graduated from high school at the age of 14 through his savings to

buy a 40-hectare plot of land for rent to farmers? Want to be like that? So, don’t forget to save.

Make budget allocations

After pacing around looking for ways to easily make money through smartphones and making money, it’s time to make budget allocations.

Make your monthly budget such as allocating funds for food, transportation, college needs and some other needs such as giving to parents.

If you are a person who goes out of town to study and or work,

your living costs will be higher because you need to pay boarding or rent a house (unless you live with other relatives).

Create a budget in detail and obey the amount of the cost that must be spent according to the budgeted.

Don’t write down the savings funds that you have entered into your account.

Have an emergency fund

Never think because you are young, then you are reluctant to take care of emergency funds.

This is because you have prepared an important emergency fund long ago.

Emergency funds are for urgent matters.

For you fresh graduates who are still single, you need to collect 6x of your monthly budget to save as an emergency fund in a separate account.

Well, so after worrying about how to get money easily then get a good income from there, don’t forget to manage your emergency funds.

Allocate funds for health insurance

Mumpung still young, let’s pay attention to your health better so that in old age you will avoid disease,

Besides maintaining health with a healthy, nutritious, balanced and regular diet and exercising regularly, you need health protection.

As early as possible you have health insurance, so the costs you incur are cheaper.

Always remember that health is important and for health it’s expensive.

Earn money after choosing how to get money easily via a smartphone, then allocate your income to health insurance funds.

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Set your financial goals in the short, medium and long term

Setting financial goals is indeed one of its own arts that must be experienced and practiced.

Create short-term and long-term financial goals.

For example, if you want to go back to school or take a course to add expertise, set it as a medium term.

In the event that you need an engine for work purposes, organize it as a transient need. Long haul money related objectives,

for instance, you need to purchase a house through a home loan and through stores or other speculation devices, for example,

common assets or figure out how to put resources into stocks.

All that must be returned again in point 1, which is organizing investment funds.

All in all, it’s progressively arranged would it say it isn’t?

In the wake of perusing how to get cash effectively through a cell phone and

tips on overseeing accounts, presently you are progressively energetic right?

Quickly pick how to get cash that suits your interests and aptitudes and your money related administration well.

Remember to check HaloMoney to get other money related data alongside an examination of monetary

items so you are more astute and more astute in budgetary issues, folks.

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