Beauty tips for skin remove facial blemishes

Beauty tips for skin

Beauty tips for skin remove facial blemishes

Beauty tips for skin remove facial blemishes

Remove facial blemishes from Multani mud.

Mask for bright and radiant complexion.

If you want to make your face beautiful and shiny with a mask

Use this mask

2 Spoon Multani

Four tablespoons rose water

1 Spoon yogurt

2 tablespoons honey

Two almond powders

Two tablespoons apricot

1 Vitamin E capsules

Mix them all and make a paste

Natural face beauty tips

Brush your face well with a brush and massage

Use daily as it will remove all then the blemishes on your face in a week.

Prepare great skin whitening creams at home.

And get fair complexion.

We are making a great and natural night cream today.

Which is chemical free and will give you a natural beauty

We will use almonds and pistachios in it.

Some features for then the skin of these things.

The Beauty tips for skin remove

Almonds contain vitamin E which helps in brightening then the skin.

The vitamins and calcium in pistachios brighten your skin.

Soak seven almonds and seven pistachios overnight.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze then the juice.

In the morning, add two tablespoons of rose water.

product for skin care

Put three tablespoons of yoghurt in this paste.

Yogurt contains acid, zinc and vitamin B.

Half a teaspoon of turmeric

Half a teaspoon of lemon peel powder

Lemon peel contains more vitamin C than lemon juice.

2 tablespoons lemon juice

The juice bleaches our skin naturally and eliminates dead cells.

Take two vitamin E capsules

1 Tablespoon almond oil

Blind all these things. Put the paste in a container and keep it in then the fridge.

Massage it for five minutes before going to bed at night and leave it on all night

In seven days your complexion will be white and shiny

How to prevent pimples for oily skin

Prescription to remove heat-induced pimples from then the face.

Facial pimples always appear on oily skin when it is young

Because at this age no one takes care of your face,

the glands in the skin of then the face release excess oil.

When they get dust on their face,

it gets jammed on the face which later becomes pimples on the face.

When the grains come out later, they are not torn.

When they are torn, the material that comes out of

them gets stuck in another place, then a lot of grains start coming out.

When the rash heals, the scars are left.

If you also have this problem, then you don’t have to worry.

A great home remedy for you which will also remove

pimples and blemishes from your face.

Daily skin care routine at home

These things are needed to make this prescription

Honey; a teaspoon

Yogurt; teaspoon

Lemon juice; a teaspoon

Multani clay; box spoon

Rose liqueur; teaspoon

How to use

Put everything in a bowl and mix until it becomes a paste.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly before applying this paste.

Thoroughly clean your face with a towel and then apply this paste on your face

Leave on for 20 minutes

Beauty tips for face pimples

After 20 minutes, wash face with fresh water.

When face is dry, apply rose liqueur on face.

Use this paste 3 times a week.

With regular use, your face will get rid of pimples.

There are spots and blemishes on your face.

This prescription will also get rid of them.

Make exercise a part of your daily life.

Exercising flushes out waste products from then the body through sweat.

If these waste products are not excreted then they

cause monsters and drink more water.

Consuming more water causes our facial skin to glow,

so water should be consumed as much as possible.

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