Beauty tips with fruits and vegetables beauty will always

Beauty tips with fruits and vegetables

Beauty tips with fruits and vegetables

Beauty tips with fruits and vegetables beauty will always

Every person wishes that his or her beauty will always remain intact in order to achieve

that goal, he / she is looking for something that fulfills

its purpose and does not have bad consequences on the body.

They will tell people about everyday fruits and vegetables that are readily

available everywhere and not too expensive.

Beauty and fruits

1.  peach

A fly mask is then the best treatment for dry skin face.


Potato is the best thing to remove facial scars.

Remove the potato juice and apply it on then the skin.

Mixing cream or milk and sliced ​​turmeric in sliced ​​potatoes makes a nice fee pack.

Grind the potatoes into a cloth and attach them to the eyes.

Beauty tips with fruits

2.  Orange

Take orange peels and dry them in then the sun to strengthen the skin.

Soak then the orange peels in boiling water and soak them all night and use them in the morning.

3.  Eggs

The Eggs implant then the facial pores open to their original state. Eggs feed the skin.

4.  Egg whites

Egg whitening is then the best cleanser.

An hour of doing shampoo and applying hair massage is called cleansing.

5. Spinach

Boil spinach and hands and refresh water.

This water will wash off your hair and dry it out.

Beauty tips with fruits and vegetables

6.  Mint

In addition to cooling and medical effects, mint has the ability to quickly remove scalp and rejuvenate greasy skin.

The best tonic for skin is to apply mint juice on then the face and neck and wash it dry with it. )

Can also be added to juice is excellent anti-septic and sterilizes wounds.

Fruits for beauty skin

7.  tomato

Tomato juice strengthens then the skin, adding yogurt to it produces a fine face pack.

The results on the skin are astounding.

Cut a tomato into two parts and rotate then the face after ten or fifteen minutes. Mixing

tomatoes into a bowl makes a nice paste that uses then the pores to reach their original shape.

8.  Apply the skin for half an hour after taking the following paste.


Lemon juice —- ١ tablespoon

Cream —- Two tablespoons

Tomato juice —- three tablespoons

9.  apricot

Because of the presence of vitamin A in apricots, it is considered as a tonic for recurrence.

It contains many types of unrefined lubricants, which is why it is included in creams.

In addition to making masks for the face, hand cream is an important component of the hands and body.

10. Sounds

Dried coriander, combined with honey and orange flower water, is the perfect after-shave lotion.

Lubricating Arnold (Castile)

Exterior or exterior use of this oil is very useful.

Apply it on then the head, strengthens and strengthens the hair.

After applying the oil in artificial head, soak the towel in warm water, so that the oil reaches the

roots of then the hair. General Chat Chat Lounge

With the use of castile, then the color of the eyelids deepens and becomes stronger.

Beauty fresh fruit

11.  Apple
Applying the apple juice to then the head of the hair, the white hair turns to golden color.
Make an apple paste and apply it on then the face as a mask.
After 10 to 15 minutes, wash the face with apple peels on then the feet and hands.
On meeting, the skin becomes soft and supple

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