Best stop hair growth on a womans face naturally

Best stop hair growth on a woman's face naturally

Best stop hair growth on a woman’s face naturally

Best stop hair growth on a woman’s face naturally

Women who are spoiling then the beauty of their face use various things to clean their hair.

This recipe will remove then the hair from your face.

Make a solution of householder ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and put it in a bottle.

Apply cotton on then the face at night. When it is dry, wash your face with water.

By applying make-up, you can achieve verbal beauty.

Beautiful face is not then the weakness of every woman beautiful skin blonde color.

And there are things that need to be taken care of.

Unwanted facial hair is a very bad issue.

By removing these hairs from then the face, the skin becomes beautiful and shiny.

A recipe for you that will make your skin soft and beautiful by removing hair.

How to get rid of facial hair permanently

3 grams of sugar

A cup of warm water

1/2 four teaspoons tartar powder

Glycerin half a teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients well and apply on the face and then take it off when it is dry.
An egg

Corn flour half a cup

A teaspoon of sugar

The stop hair growth on a woman’s face naturally

Mix them and apply on face and take off when dry.

Unwrapped facial hair will disappear by applying this mask.

After cleansing the mask, clean then the face with a good cleanser.

Use this prescription every two days as it will gradually remove your facial hair.

Mix Multani Clay Tree Gum medicated Upton Vine Rose and apply on your face.

After 20 minutes, cleanse your face with cleanser.

One hundred and twenty five grams of flour

Menopause facial hair removal

10 gram turmeric in it

Lemon peel 10 grams

White sandal wood 10 grams

Mix all these things and mix it in cow dung and apply it on then the face.

When it is dry, massage it lightly and take it off.

gram flour Make a paste by mixing it with water and apply it on then the face. When it dries, take it off.

Mix salt with a little water in a pot, take a cotton cloth and soak in it and massage it lightly on then the face.

Make a paste of mustard oil, basin, milk and lemon juice and apply it on then the face.

Best stop hair growth on a woman’s face naturally

Gently massage to break up facial hair.

Then use cleansing lotion and wash face with lukewarm water. It is good for face.

In addition to these tips, wax is also a treatment that removes unwanted hair.

Make the skin beautiful and soft

This hair on then the face and lips

Make wax at home
A spoonful of sugar
A spoonful of honey
Mix a few drops of lemon juice

Facial hair naturally home remedies

Cook over low heat for three to four minutes.
Apply lightly to then the areas of then the face where the hair is, take a cotton or jean cloth and make a bandage.
Immediately after applying this mixture, put a strip on it and
pull it in the opposite direction of then the hair with one tail, the hair will be clean.
This method of waxing is definitely painful but it takes a long time



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