Cleansing skin routine important step in skincare.

Cleansing skin routine important step in skincare.

Cleansing skin routine important step in skincare.

Cleansing skin routine important step in skincare.

Hands should be spotless before you start: always wash them before cleasing

1.  Get your hair off your face with a headscarf or shower cap.

So you can accese the hairline and edges of your face, and be thorough.

2.  Smooth your chosen cleanser over your face and neck.

Working from the collarbone up, circle the fingertips up

and across the neck and face and neck to the hairline.

Clean your skin

Use the pads of your fingers and quite a deep pressure but remember

that the skin under your chin is as delicate as the skin under your eyes.

Massage well, all over, which will boost blood flow to the face, bringing nutrients to

the complexion. (This technique works wonders for tired faces.)

3.  Cleansing wipes see our Tried & Tested, on page 66 – are great when you,re in a hurry

(and 1,000 per cent better then falling in to bed with your make -up on) But we don’t believe they ‘re a long term

substitute for a dedicated cleanser.

Clean skin face

4.  The type of cleanser you use should be down to preference,

rather than skin type because you’re more likely to use it thoroughly.

On page 60, we give the tried and tasted results for cleansers suitable for all

skin types.

Cleansing is the most important step in skincare.

If you get that right, then beautiful skin is bound to follow ‘

Cleansing the skin prevents

5. Allow the cleanser a minute or two to interact with dirt and make up, and it will all come off more efficiently.

6. Swish your washcloh in warm to hot water and hold then the cloth over your face.

Pat it down and rub lightly all over your to remove any remaining grime.

Repeat once or twice, until the cloth is no longer grubby. (see page 63 for why this is all the exfoliation you need.)

7.  Washcloths should be used for 24 hours, then thrown tn the machine and washed,

preferably with a nonbiological, gentle washing powder. (We like Ecover.)

Otherwise, bacteria can breed.

The Cleansing skin routine important step

8.  Ordinary soap is too harsh for facial skin, upsetting then the acid balace and leaving it vulnerable.

If you ‘re a foam freak, try switching to a gentle foaming cleanser or a special’ cleansing har ‘.

But remember these are basieally detergent, which may still be harsh on your skin, so experiment with a richer

cleanser using the technique here.

You may find it gives you the freshness you enjoy.

Clean smooth skin

9. Don’t feel you slways need to cleanse from scratch in then the morning.

If you ‘re short of time, simlpy use your hot washcloth’ or a cotton pad drenched in rosewater,

advises make up artist Sara Raeburn and swipe it over then the face a few times.

We love cleansing. It swishes away the day, along with the dirt.

The Cleansing skin routine important step

But it ‘s easy to be obevet enthusiastic and using the wrong cleanser can actually be harmful for skin.
If it ‘s too barush, it strips away then the skin’s natural barrier along with the dirt and make up;
If you over cleans skin with a too barsh cleanser it interferes with this
vital barrier function letting precious moisture out, and potential irritants in.

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