Egg white and honey face mask Facial At Home

Egg white and honey face mask

Egg white and honey face mask

Egg white and honey face mask Facial At Home

This is a very good fascia. Once you use it, you will be advised to use it.

You use it once and see the results

After seeing this facial you will be happy and your quest will end

Do you have a facial that is not expensive and also has a skin glue?

Because the weather is changing, the skin gets tangled and starts to explode.

No need to worry about the weather, Egg Facial has the advantage

that you don’t have to wait around for 24 hours,

it will give you instant relief and a great deal of comfort on your skin.

The results of this Egg Facial will remain up to the Next Facial Faculty.

How to make an egg white and honey face mask

There are five or six steps.

1- 1  tablespoon of water daily

2- Raw  milk 1 spoon

Mix the two things and apply it on the face with the help of cotton.

Seeing the results of it will change your face in a moment.

This cleanser will remove a lot of dust from your face.

Can also use makeup Remove.

You should do then the cleansing for three to four minutes.

Leave two or three minutes after cleansing.

Before making the scrub you will want an egg because the name of this  facial is egg white.

Egg white and honey face mask for wrinkles

Take an egg, separate its whitish and yolk.

1-  1 Spoonful of egg white.

2- Half teaspoon coconut oil

3- One tablespoon of Grand Sugar

After mixing them all, massage your face with this scrub for two or three minutes.

Massage lightly with no hand on the skin and no facial skin is very sensitive to the skin.

Leave for five minutes after scrubbing and then wash face.

Now take a steaming pot of water and boil it to get the steam.

Cover your head with a towel so that the steam does not go out and do not go in front of the fan after taking the steam.

After taking the stem, wipe the face with tissue, but warm water can wash the face.

After taking the steam the pores of then the face are opened and the number of miles they will come out.

Benefits of egg white and honey mask

3- Step massage cream

One tablespoon of egg whites

One tablespoon of aloe vera gel

Half teaspoon honey

Mix all of these things thoroughly and after mixing this cream is to massage the face.

Absorb massage cream on then the face will not absorb the whole it is why this wine is egg.

Massage your face so that your open pores come in and bring a beautiful glow to your face.

Good ways to leave for fifteen minutes after massaging five minutes.

4- Fee pack

One tablespoon of rice

One teaspoon gram flour

One tablespoon of egg whites

One tablespoon Rao Milk

Half a teaspoon of lemon juice

Mix all that in. You can see that then the face will start to glow after doing the step-by-step.

This pack is great, it will give you great results and your spoon will lift every tablespoon.

Apply a thick fold to then the face of this pack. If you have loose skin, this pack tightens the skin.

Put on the face for twenty-five minutes and if you do not talk during it, the wrinkles on the face will go.

Because it tightens the skin so much now wash your face.

After washing your face, you will see how your face will look.

You will look so beautiful that everyone will ask which of your parlors you have made.

Egg white and honey face mask

This is a feature that gives instant results

This five-step facial will transform your face into a beautiful glow on your face.

Be sure to use this feature this season and then look amazing.

You will repeat this facial if you give one to your face so

that your skin will not dry and your skin will always be soft.

Boys can also use this feature and they will get very good results.

Be sure to facial twice a month.

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