Hair care tips No matter how beautiful your face

Hair care tips

 Hair care tips No matter how beautiful your face

Hair care tips No matter how beautiful your face

No matter how beautiful your face is, if you do not pay attention to your hair, your beauty will diminish.

If you do not pay attention to your hair, you will lose your beauty, and you will have to make a mistake.

Because the beauty of the woman depends on the beauty of the face as well as the hair.

Because for hair care beauty of the woman

Tips to Protect Hair

1. Eat rich foods (meat, pulses)

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

3.  Avoid fried foods, sugary and starchy foods

4.  Must shampoo once a week for hair

5. After four or five weeks, cut the hair in two and make it beautiful.

6.  Use a soft brush or comb.

7.  Avoid using plastic hairbands

8.  Do Kungi instead of brushing wet hair.

9. Massage then the greasy hair without oil.

9.  Use the medicine once a week to prevent sun and kidney damage.

10.  Hair is produced in the roots, so hair conditioner is not needed.

Apply hair conditioner only on the ends of the hair.

11.  Wear a hat or a seasonal hat to protect then the hair from the sun.

Normal hair

  1. Wash with shampoo once a week.

2.  Apply a little shampoo on then the head and absorb it well into the skin from

the edges of the fingers so that the shampoo reaches the sides of the hair.

3. Do not force the ends of the hair.

If your hair often needs hair conditioner, take two drops of egg yolk and mix them in warm water.

Thoroughly massage the solution into the head carefully, then wrap the polythene envelope over the head for ten minutes.

Then wash the hair with warm water and apply shampoo later.

Hair care products

Mixed hair

1. Immediately remove as soon as you feel itching and drooling in the head

2. Do not use shampoo to dry hair

3. Allow a little too much shampoo to flow into the hair

4. Apply a hair conditioner to then the ends of the hair

5. Dry heads regularly from time to time.

Shampoo for all types of hair.

Amla —- hundred grams

Seika Kai —- 100 gram

Hair loss —- hundred grams

Rita —- 2  hundred grams

Water —- 1/2  two litres of glycerin eight teaspoons

Lemon juice – 4 teaspoons

Sodium benzoate: 1/2 teaspoon


Put the first six items into then the water and boil well.

When the amount of water in half, mix the rest of the ingredients well. The shampoo is ready.

Apply this shampoo to the hair for two or three minutes and then rinse the head with warm water.

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