Hair diseases that cause hair loss there are many types

Hair diseases that cause hair

Hair diseases that cause hair loss

Hair diseases that cause hair loss there are many types

They can cause baldness and the natural brightness and color of the hair.

The hair becomes prematurely white and starts to shake.

There are various causes for this.

Occasionally, itching occurs on the skin of the head.

Hair diseases pictures

The best remedy for this is to not use a comb in the head at all.

If caught, it does not cause much harm to the hair.

After washing the head skin thoroughly, dry the hair and apply olive oil to the roots. Get rid of this disease.

The hair diseases that cause hair loss

1.  Waxy dandruff

If oil is applied after cleaning the head, numerous hair diseases are prevented.

One of the most dangerous diseases of the hair is rash.

If waxy dandruff is produced in the head, it  should be  treated immediately and in it.

It develops on the skin of the head and spreads throughout the hair.

If untreated with immediate attention then the effects of waxy husk will have their Work starts to slow hair loss.

The result is that baldness on the head is very quick. The risk of

List of hair diseases

2. Peel dandruff

A type of dandruff, called skin rash, is a sign that when the skin of the head is cleaned with a comb,

the skin eventually starts to dry and the dry skin looks clean from the bottom.

Therefore, one should also avoid this and take care of cleaning the head at the proper time.

hair diseases that cause hair loss

3. Greased dandruff

People with darker skin usually have mastic straw on their head.

There are also small grains coming out on the skin of the person.

This is an enemy of the gray hairs. Also, the hair thoroughly cleaned and

rinsed with a good shampoo and dried in natural air and oil to the hair so that the skin is healthy.

Hair diseases that cause hair loss

4. Particle dandruff

Often it starts to get itchy on the skin of the head and it feels as if the lice are biting,

It is not because of the fact that the hair follicles are produced when it comes to this type of dandruff.

Makes a place in the head, so the skin wants to itch.

When the rash becomes excessive, it stops the hair from forming.

The best way to get rid of the dandruff is to comb the hair periodically.

It  kept in contact with brown hair, as well as wash the head with a good shampoo.

If not corrected immediately, baldness begins to appear.

Due to combing the disease, whatever dandruff in the head comes out through the comb and to what extent the skin cleansed. Rushes.

This hair diseases that cause hair loss

5. Treatment method

The remedy is to first clean the skin without irritation or any other damage to the comb or anything else,

carefully remove the jammawa discharge and other debris, in addition to clear the skin of the head.

The way to do this is to apply any fine oil on then the head to soften the greasy mess on the skin.

Let it remain oiled on then the head for a few hours.

Then, when the frozen yolk is softened with semi-warm water and a suitable shampoo.

Hair should  washed thoroughly.

The skin on the skin of then the head cleaned.

In this way, the skin can be cleaned by this method.

Wash them with clear calls to tone up a little late after the above grainy wood


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