Hair dyeing techniques at home for natural color

Hair dyeing techniques at home for natural color

Hair dyeing techniques at home

Hair dyeing techniques at home for natural color

Don’t forget to change the basic and natural color of your hair, because the natural beauty of the face is the secret.

Yes, if you change the face makeup, changing the color of then the hair will not seem impossible,

for example the natural color of your hair is golden brown and you use lipstick to suit it or you wear a dress that

you like. It enhances and highlights the personality so of course when you dark hair will not look good on your body.

In such a case, dyeing hair is a waste of time and money.

1.  Give the hair a color that is not too different from the natural color of your hair, for example the

natural color of your hair is golden or brown and if you apply red or dark brown hair you will love it.

While darker colors will distort your personality.

Hair dyeing methods

2. Add coffee or tea leaves in the mouth to make the hair dark ink.

3.  Before applying hair color, check  the back of the ears to check the shade.

4.  The roots of the hair are shaded by absorbing the skin very quickly,

but the hairs on the back of the ears show shade very quickly as the roots are delicate.

5. Henna Makes Dark Hair Reddish How It Shades Will Come After Mehndi It Is Vital To Test

It is important to mix the following ingredients:


When dyeing hair at home

Henna powder – two cups

Hot water – 1 cup

Vinegar – 1 cup of tea

Tip: Combine all three items for one hour, place the henna bowl in a water-filled saucepan,

stir the henna until the bubbles keep flowing.

After shaking the bubbles, then shake  the henna in the hair thoroughly so that the henna is applied to each hair.

Dying hair natural colour

Things to consider:

1.  Do not apply henna on yellow or golden brown or bleached hair.

2. Before applying henna, apply hair conditioner and protein conditioner.

3.  Gull baboon lightens light brown hair, put a handful of gill baboon in a cup of boiling water and

keep it for a few hours and then apply this water to shampoo your hair.

4. Before dyeing the hair, apply the hair so that the henna is easily accessible everywhere.

Apply the henna to the head first, and then go to the edges of the hair. Engage in the hair of others.

5. Colors for all types of hair

Hair dyeing guide


Mehndi — two hundred grams

Coffee Powder — 1 teaspoon

Egg yolk – 1

Brandy — 1 tablespoon


Materials for dyeing hair

After dissolving then the coffee in water, make a henna paste in this water.

Now add the egg yolk to the henna and then add the brandy to the henna. Smoke.


Saffron powder – 1 pinch

Boiling water – five hundred milliliters

Tip: Boil the walnut bark — in the water for fifteen minutes and then boil it will turn brown hair dark brown.

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