Hair type the following are the steps you can take

Hair type the following are the steps

Hair type the following are the steps you can take

Hair type the following are the steps you can take

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your face is if you are ignoring your hair, i.e.,

the crown of the body; then, you are reducing the beauty of your face because of the carelessness your hair is in bad shape.

Or if they are not adequately cared for, you will be able to restore your adaptability,

brightness and complexion with proper care and attention not to lose everything.

 Hair type test

1 . The following are the steps you can take to get the hair type done through a tissue paper test

2 . Wash the hair with shampoo the day before the inspection.

3 .Take a snooper and push it in the back of the head and behind the ears.

If you find oil marks on the smoker, it means that your hair type is lubricated and if there is no oil mark, remember to have dry hair.

You do not have to meet the blower on the head but just press the smoker on the head.

A detailed inspection of the hair with a smoker test can tell you about your hair type.

4 . The hair type of a person with healthy skin is also normal

5 . Likewise, hair dryers have dry hair.

6 . For those who have greasy skin, the nature of their hair will also tend to be oily hair

7 . If you lubricate the upper lip and the skin behind the ears is dry, then the life of your hair is different.

The hair type the following are the steps

Once you know the nature or type of hair, look after them according to your hair type.

Hair Types

1 . Normal hair

2 . These are bright and easy to set up.

3 . They will scatter a little bit during the day after setting the nose, but if they reset, it will look fine for a week.

4 . Lubricating hair

5 . It will look good for a day after shampoo, but it will become more discolored soon after.

6 . Hair clusters will cling to each other in the form of infamous fights, and the head will feel dirty

7 . This type of hair often has a dry, scaly problem.

Dry hair

1 . Dry hair is difficult to control after shampoo, and the hair looks dull and

dry with the eyes and two mouths even though the ends are dry shortly before shampoo.

2 . The head also feels dry and occasionally itchy. Dry hair is broken or bruised.

3 . Sometimes dry skin on the edges of the hair is even pierced

Miscellaneous hair

1 . They are a combination of greasy and dry hair

2 . It usually lubricates the long and hairy roots while the ends are dry.

3 . Hair is challenging to set quickly and ends with a lighter color than the roots.

4 .  But shampooing a second time improves hair follicles

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