Homemade tips for hair to grow hair faster and thicker

Homemade tips for hair to grow hair

Homemade tips for hair to grow hair faster and thicker

Homemade tips for hair to grow hair faster and thicker

The human body is beautiful, with a fit and proportionate body,

Dark and dense hair also increases the sensation.

There is no doubt that the hair is as tall and thick as it looks.

But keeping them clean in their place is a tricky matter.

Realizing this difficulty, the experts invented shampoo with colorful soap.

Each of these shampoos is useful for a particular type of skin and hair type.

A native version that has been tested in this field for a long time.

Long hair tips in homemade


Sakai Kai, Amla, and Ritha.

Use method: There are two ways: one way is to grind all of these items.

Then pour the water in the appropriate amount and heat it half.

Otherwise, it is like soaking these items in water and then heating this water do it.

Wash the hair with this water, it not only cleanses the hair but also healthy Live.

Treatment of weakness of hair roots:

Massage is also the best treatment for head weakness.

An effective way to do this is to buy Arundel or olive oil from the market.

Please consider the quality at the time of purchase.

It should not be of poor quality, and instead of reinforcing the hair, push their falling wall one more, and prevent baldness.

Preheat the standard oil before massaging.

His method would be to put two tablespoons or custom oil in a glass and warm it Put in.

Then apply this oil with a piece of cotton or a sprinkle this way to the roots of the hair.

So that all the roots are well.

Then gently massage with the help of the fingertips where the oil begins to absorb some of the oil.

Repeating this procedure once a week will relieve hair loss.

Make the hair soft, creamy and shiny.

Hair loss is a severe problem for many people.

Even after using many prescriptions and tips, there is no real benefit.

The following is an excellent and homemade version for people suffering from this problem.

The ingredients.

Homemade tips for hair care

Add almond oil and mustard oil to a tablespoon, yogurt, fresh cream and ten grams of aloe vera gel in the custom cheese.

Add the value so that all these things go together.

Apply this mixture to the roots of the hair with the help of fingertips and the upper part of the hair

Apply for two to three hours to allow the hair to dry.

Then wash and dry the head with fresh water.

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