How does YouTube pay us? How YouTubers actually get paid.

What YouTube pay us?

How does YouTube pay us?

How does YouTube pay us?

Hi friends, so I am often asked this question.

because most people don’t know how YouTubers are actually paid.

How to youtube pay us

So I will give my answer to this question.

The short answer is that YouTubers are paid through advertising revenue.

This means advertisers pay Youtube to run their ads before or during your video, and Youtube in turn pays you to bring viewers to the ad.

Your video needs to be monetized so that the ad can be played beforehand, and

allows monetization as easy as agreeing to a few conditions then check the small box that says “Pay this video”

You are paid for each monetized display.

So YouTubers are NOT paid based on how many customers they have, how much they like, or how many videos they make.

It’s all about views.

YouTubers can have 10 million customers but can still make less money than a Youtuber who only has 10 customers,

if that YouTuber somehow gets more views.

So this changes based on many, many factors, such as how many minutes are watched per display, what month it is, and how many views Adblock uses.

But I took my total income from 2015 and divided it by the number of views, and got 1,485.

That means for every 1,485 views, I get one dollar.

Or for each display, I get around 1/15 percent. And that number changes drastically throughout the year.

For example, December is usually the best month for YouTube users because this is the Christmas season and everyone’s home for winter holidays,

and more people watch videos, but also advertisers usually want to spend the rest of their budget before the end of the year.

I have seen numbers as low as 550 views per dollar. But once the new year arrives, income drops to 1/3 from the previous day.

The average display ratio per dollar for January this year is 4,288.

That is very bad. But it’s normal for January.

Of course, I can talk about the CPM technical term, which stands for cost per mille, or cost per thousand,

which is the amount that advertisers pay per 1,000 ad views, but not only I really don’t know about those things,

I feel that directly sharing my views with my income can provide easier-to-understand measurements.

So the one thing that actually hurt YouTuber and caused them to receive less per display is Adblock.

whan, YouTube’s answer to Adblock is YouTube Red, which directly equips every YouTuber with additional revenue streams.

So I hope this can eliminate confusion and you learn something.

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One of the most common frustrations that YouTube creators have is what they have done.

Set up, activate, on YouTube Channel for disbursement.

But no money really looks to have access to their bank accounts.

Let me show you today how to link it, set it Everything, so you get the money you earn Hello friends.

My name is Tim Schmoyer. It’s Thursday, the time to do YouTube FAQs like we do every week.

One of you writes and asks for this.

Team Can you please explain why I don’t even have a penny of ads displayed on my video?

Yes, usually because you have activated liquefaction, but you don’t have to link your channel to your AdSense account.

This is a tool that uses YouTube to handle all your profits, then deposit it in your bank account.

Let me take you to my desktop, and guide you through the full process of connecting YouTube channels to your AdSense account.

But before you do that, I need to make sure you go ~ and make sure you have an account there.

First. If you don’t have an AdSense account, you have to make the first one.

Because there is no way to link to YouTube Channels for your AdSense account if you do not have an AdSense account.

The first thing you don’t come to your channel is here to check the status and features.

After that is , you invest your video, but the money does not enter your AdSense account.

So this is what you will do. Click on the Money Control Point, or you can click thaw here on the left side bar.

And unfortunately it’s a bit hidden.

How do you pay?

You must associate AdSense for an account with your YouTube account to pay.

this link is here for me No associations have been offered on this channel.

what will I do. If you see the same thing, this is the secret you need to do, here.

Click the AdSense Associate program under this little link.

It says you will be directed – after you have it Complete this process will direct you to YouTube, OK?

Click Next, and you have entered.

So this is what I see.

Since you are already an AdSense publisher, you must sign it with the Google Account that you use to access your Google Account.

And that said I registered now.

This is the right account there, so I will click Yes, this is the correct calculation.

And then give me – that’s all my website basically uses. That will be in English.

I will receive the assembly, Forward me back to YouTube. That’s all you have to do.

You can review and change it, but now you can see it’s a little different.

This is one small question that was here before he left.

The only other thing you might want to check the AdSense Program in your account is that you have already set up your bank account information.

You also have to check the account.

It takes several days to several weeks.

When you set up your AdSense account, so I will not enter here.

But that’s really all there is to it.

Remember that secret links are what you need to find.

But maybe you have passed this process, he said, hey, there is a different problem for me.

I have linked them, and I still haven’t paid.

I want to rest you guys, if you have other solutions For people to think about how to solve this problem, definitely leave a comment below.

If this is a problem that you have, read from someone else. Learn from them.

You will learn as much as I do every week. From the people who comment there, yeah. So, go check it out.

If this is my first time here, I would like to subscribe. Because every week we do YouTube FAQs like this. I give you tips, training, and other things on YouTube.

Just to help you grow channels on YouTube, and your audience, so people

who need to hear your message can find you, being part of your YouTube community channel, we hope that their lives will change as a result.

So thank you for allowing me to have a small portion of the growth of the YouTube Channel here. Subscribe and you will meet again next week.

 How do you pay?

How does youtube pay us?
YouTube with an Android way to get money from YouTube without uploading videos that take money from YouTube to monetize youtube?

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