How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Now you can make money from home internet.

Without Investing Membership or Registration Fee!

This is called Affiliate Marketing.

Earnings through other companies or people’s products, or service advertising

Says Affiliate Marketing.

You use the right product, and people talk about it.

Doing so is when the products are sealed.

On this, you get a share of the profits!

How to make money without spending money.

Earn money online how with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Money with Pinterest affiliate marketing now I’m super bullish on Pinterest.

Right now and very few people and marketers are talking about Pinterest .

As far as a traffic method for the brand building etc. so what are we going to dive.

I want to know if you are actively using it. Pinterest This is a short survey answer.

Actively do use Pinterest you’re in.There is once a week or a couple of times a

month or no if you still don’t know.

Exactly what Pinterest does and what the role serves we’re going to start this.

Pinterest so you can understand.

What role does a pin that service plays?

Then we get to the real specific how to do affiliate marketing

with Pinterest because that ‘s the main the goal here and I think affiliate

marketing is a great business model.

The first thing you need to do is Pinterest.

How to make money with pinterest affiliate marketing

For inspiration, we look for things .

Then we pin down the thoughts we like. Social bookmarking like our boards are beautiful.

So it is a search first and then society. Bookmarking and then when timing.

Well, we go back to our boards because. It’s like, OK, this is the weekend we have.

Making money online affiliate marketing beginners

Take a look at this Pinterest project.

Friday night before prepping for the board work weekends and lie down.

Plan your game from there now you understand how Pinterest works.

The kind of stuff you use every day. Can begin to understand how Leverage Pinterest for affiliates

Marketing and before we get into that.

Make money with pinterest affiliate marketing

I want to remind you. That’s not just affiliate marketing.

I have a process for spamming your links. That I taught my deep sinking.

The one here will pop up over my head. This approach to affiliate marketing

Traffic is trust, and then it is one.

Offer, and many people think. Affiliate marketing is as easy as that.

You are removing your links from there and. Finally, someone might have to click on it.

Buy, and you’ll make money but as long as.That’s the key; we’re building trust.

The drug separator component.

Affiliate marketers and people like us.

Is making millions of dollars. Every year and one in affiliate marketing

Quick note for you beyond Numbers in the fact that we make you.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars know. The year I saw in affiliate marketing.

We like our analytics on Pinterest. More than a million people visited us.

The website from Pinterest and we had it.Over 2 million unique tours.

Pinterest so we are actively using .

One of our most aggressive social kind of traffic sources and this is how we are

so with all that foundation how do you, do the affiliate marketing.

Stuff on the Pinterest right there There are three main ways that this works out.

Number one is that you can direct. The product was about a year and a half ago.

Pinterest decided to allow Amazon. Affiliate links on their pins so you can

Make a pin that links directly. Someone to let say a barbecue toolset

You can create a pin that sets the utensils. Said best barbecue utensils and then the

The pin would link directly through your affiliate link to the Amazon page .

They could purchase them now in the two the strategy you got the traffic idea.

right because that ‘s where Pinterest is

Earn money online free affiliate marketing

Front of them trying to sell them

Something and no one likes being sold. So that ‘s not the first process

recommend that one if you can’t tell by the way, I’ve approached .

Number two is that you write presale content. This might be in the form of the top 10

barbecue utensils for backyard grillers and you write an excellent content-heavy post

That talks about all of the different.

Tools that a backyard barbecue grille going to need to come barbecue season .detail your number one favourite your

Number two favourite and you do a top 10 list and you detail which one is the

the best value which one is the best stainless steel I don’t know what those are

specific things are that ‘s your job as the content creator so what

You do create a great resource.

The piece of content that lives as a perfect resource for someone’s thinking

present they want to get him some barbecue do it, and they don’t know which

One is best, so they ‘re on Pinterest.

Looking for gifts for dad and all the Suddenly they see this barbecue toolset.

It says top 10 barbecue toolsets or barbecue utensil sets they pin so that

It opens up your post on your website.

And this is the most powerful way to leverage Pinterest every pin is actually.

A piece of content on your door site this is truly the best strategy to leverage for Pinterest marketing directly because you get a backlink .

It has SEO value that can come and help you rank higher on Google. By building out these types of backlinks but what it does is it gives you the

opportunity to build trust with the user and that ‘s

The affiliate marketing strategy that is so imperative. How do you

prove which barbecue tool utensil set

is the absolute best and when they read.

I am going to like your post wow

Get him the one that is the one.

There ‘s your affiliate link now.

They trust you at this point.

Click through the affiliate link and

Then they go to checkout they order

You notice the difference right it doesn’t just trying to spam Pinterest with pins

That link to the actual kind of item on the affiliate network It ‘s adding value

to the user who is on Pinterest for a.

The specific reason they are trying to find a birthday gift They ‘re trying to layout.

Some of they ‘re trying to do something And you’re giving them some.

unique value through your input in the content.

That was number two that you create.

Approach and this is my most highly the recommended approach for starting out

For affiliate marketers. It’s a great way. to get, you could drive a lot of

the traffic we drive about 750.

The brand is helping people get the results that they want first and then.

When you recommend the helpful tools.

Helpful services the software whatever

It is that recommendation is going ,

They are much better received because of the fact.

That you took the time to give them lots of value first, you help them get results.

first getting what I’m saying here so this is the most significant idea .

When it comes to Pinterest, and this is it the long-term game of building a brand.

The cool part of Pinterest is you can essentially move forward .

The second approach which is creating lots Lots of great review based content

Great content and then making sure.

You ‘re pinning your content to Pinterest.

So you ‘re writing out lots of long-form excellent helpful blog posts on your

WordPress blog then you’re pinning pins.

which are doorways back to your post and these could be the review type things.

They could be one-off reviews. Review the best this or that other the so top ten that or the other .

It could be a wide variety of content each one will stand alone and potentially.

Work when you put out optimized pins right because someone is looking for the best pins.

That are all about the best barbecue utensils do you have a pin.

Shows up for that but here’s the thing. They are not ready to buy yet.

I am trying to discover the ideas so that. Where they want to go to the blog post.

 They find your helpful blog post now.

This is the moment where they do find it.

More helpful blog posts do they find all of your other content and think.

The individual on Pinterest because they are an expert in all things backyard grilling and I love cooking in the backyard so.

You want to know more than just. what they search for in that one moment.

When you have the power of brand working for you and you build.

That power of brand doing hundreds over hundreds of so these types of reviews.

Sites you review all of the products in your niche and you become genuinely .

A trusted advisor in that space so you can.

Kind of work aggressively on that.

Step number two is a review post on pinterest But you do the review post on your blog.

Pinning pins on Pinterest for that do over that and hundreds

Hundreds of times over the next coming a few years and you become the default.

Expert in that world because you are indeed the foremost publisher .

That ‘s what the experts do they publish.

Their opinions they publish more helpful content than everyone else and that ‘s it.

Who eventually wins long term .








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