How to Styling Hair without the Hair You Can Try

How to Styling Hair without the Hair You Can Try

Instead of making your hair damaged by styling using a brush, you should do styling when your hair is still wet.

You as a woman will often do hair styling. Either make it straight or curly.

To do styling, you usually need a polish so that the hair is often exposed to heat.

This can make the hair become more dry and fall out.

In addition to veils, other causes are too often blow dry, the temperature is too hot.

Doing hair styling is easier by using these tools because it is more practical.

But, that method can make hair more damaged.

So, for your hair to not break quickly, you can do styling when your hair gets wet easily.

Then, how do you do it? Come on, see more!

3 Hair Styling Styles without Using Catokan

It’s safe for hair, ladies!

1. Roll Bun

Here is a bun hairstyle for you who often doesn’t have time to dry his hair before leaving for work.

The steps are as follows:

1. Prepare hair that is still wet by spraying leave-in spray on the hair.

2. Gather hair into one with rubber to form a low ponytail, slightly above the neck.

3. Divide the horse ponytail which breaks down into two equal parts.

Twist tightly with each part of the hair and lock using a bobby pin.

4. Circle the hair around the first strand of hair.

For those of you who want to appear with wavy hair, just follow this easy tutorial. Here are the steps:

5. And you will get a beautiful bun in just a few minutes, even if your hair is still wet.

2. Tousled Waves

1. Prepare hair that is still wet by spraying leave-in spray on the hair.

2. Pull the upper hair from front to back. That way, the part of your hair will not look flat.

3. Divide the hair into 3 parts: right side, left side, and back. Make sure the parts are even.

4. Take one part of the hair, then divide the part in half and make a twist to the end. Then tie it with rubber.

5. Do the same for the other two parts of the hair on the side and behind.

6. Let the hair dry on its own.

7. If the hair is dry, remove the hair.

8. Trim the hair with your fingers, and split the hair as usual.

You foam using hair oil to tidy up the part of hair that comes out.

3. Neat bangs

This neat bangs hairstyle is suitable for formal or casual appearances.

Making it is very easy and fast. Check out the steps!

1. In decomposition, use a leave-in conditioner at the end of the hair to soften the hair that sticks out.

2. Comb your hair to make it look neater and make the middle hemisphere.

3. Make horse pigtails and tie using elastic hairbands so that wet hair is not damaged.

4. You can make low ponytails a little above the neck.

5. Take smoothing oil and use it on the top of the head to make it look more smooth and neat.

Now that’s a non-viscous hair styling that you can do, ladies.

Does not damage the hair and of course it is very simple, not for your daily activities?

Good luck trying it out!

Want to have Ombre Hair? Note These 5 Important Things First!

Do you plan to have Ombre / Gradation hair?

These are the things you should pay attention to before starting your hair

Ombre or commonly called gradation, has become a hair coloring trend a few years back.

Having ombre hair will make the owner look more fashionable and trendy.

Many salons also provide professional hair service.

However, sometimes the price offered can be very high up to millions of rupiah.

In order to keep your appearance cool without spending your pocket money, you can make this ombre hair yourself.

Before you do it, try to take a look at the following!

1. Determine your Undertone Skin

Undertone is a layer of color that is under the skin that emits the hue of the skin surface.

If the skin color can experience changes caused by several factors such as weather, temperature, and others.

Unlike Undertone which will not change. Undertone can be divided into 3, namely warm, cool and neutral.

For those of you who have the warm undertone color, you can choose the color of the ground color such as red, brown, orange.

While cool undertones, can choose sky colors like blue, purple, and even white.

Do not choose the wrong color, because it can make our facial skin dull.

2. Do Bleaching Enough Hair

Bleaching is the process of removing hair color pigments which is usually done before coloring hair.

The bleaching process can cause the hair follicle to become damaged and make the hair more brittle.

Even though the bleaching process is needed, the bleaching process should be carried out as needed.

Excessive bleaching will actually damage the texture of the hair and produce an ombre color that is less natural.

It is best not to bleach the hair more than twice a day, give a break of at least 1 day.

3. Use Aluminum Foil

The use of aluminum foil accelerates the process of impregnating color pigments into the hair shaft.

Besides being more effective, the use of aluminum foil also prevents hair from exposure to harmful chemicals that are too long.

4. Perform Extra Care

Extra care, especially after the coloring process is a mandatory thing you must do.

Give special attention to your beautiful hair, don’t forget to always use conditioner and

hair mask if you don’t want your hair to get thinner and damaged.

5. Don’t Forget to Arrange Your Ombre Hair

Of course you want to look more trendy with your ombre hair, so don’t forget to styling it.

You can use hair rollers to make it a little bumpy. But also avoid your hair from hot styling iron.

Having ombre hair is fun. However, we must also accept the consequences for keeping it beautiful.

Interested in shaving your hair?


Hairdryer the front of your hair to make hair more manageable.

Divide your two hairs and pin them up.

Bend the part of the hair down.

Remove the clamped part of the hair, then vise the hair section.

Hairspray part of your bangs.

Prepare a small comb and then comb the hairspray and use your bangs to make it even.

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