Look at some really simple creative ways.

Look at some really simple creative ways

Look at some really simple creative ways.

Look at some really simple creative ways .

That you can make extra money online and don’t worry you don’t need to be too creative.

These are all really easy ways. They are free to get started and they’re pretty much available.

Worldwide now before I go ahead and show. You these if this is the first time.

We’re looking at one of my blogs

There Look at some really simple creative ways.

I’ll go ahead and I blog about making money online and Working from home so if that’s what?

So I’ll drop a link to my blog for you here you can see there are many articles.

On here if I’m making money online working from home there’s just so many different ways.

That you can go ahead and do this and you don’t need to pay lots of money to get started,

in fact most of the things I have are free to get started.

We’ll jump over here so today we’re

The Look at really simple creative ways

gonna look at creative ways. You can make money with absolutely zero investment over the new tab.

But you’re not going to have to go ahead and lay out any money now.

These are free to get started, you don’t need any special skills and you can now go through three different methods.

So, let’s go ahead and have a look at this, the first one I’m gonna look at, which is quite popular at this moment in time.

Instagram is how you can make money on Instagram it’s really simple ways.

How we can look at really simple creative ways

We choose a topic or niche and then you create content or upload images based around that content now.

You create an Instagram channel based around a topic or so.

I said this one here is around trouble but you can create this around absolutely anything.

It can be as broad as small as you like. You can go ahead and look at trouble you can do I’m doing in the make money online.

Accounts on Instagram look at some really simple creative ways

These accounts on Instagram which is specific to teeth whitening.

There’s just so many different ways that you can go ahead and do this .

And one once you’ve decided on your topic or  is simply uploading images on here.

So can see this one here this best vacations. I mean they’ve got 4.8 million followers but the bingo that they’ve

been on Instagram.  For a lot of years now and the person consistently now what

they’re posting on here as you can see. It’s all to do with travel and luxury

different destinations. But you can see the amount of likes and their comments

get on each post hundred and one thousand one hundred and forty five

thousand. I mean I’m not gonna be not gonna just randomly give you all these

big large numbers.

Photos on Insta look at simple creative ways

Because when you first start you know you’re not going to get

this but this company here. They’re going ahead and they’re just sharing their own

images the sharing images from other ways. I think it says appear photos

by our team and we feature also people who were following. That can send

a message of their picture and then they’re sharing that so how are they

gonna go ahead and make money with this Instagram account.

You can do it in a number of ways so the first one is sites

like Expedia and hotels comm and booking there will all.

Featured images simple creative ways

They would love to get a featured image on here because it looks at the number of likes

and interaction on here. There could easily be getting anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. A post especially for this a

the number of interactions on here so you’ve got you’ve got different you’ve got

different opportunities with companies.

Like that you’ve got yours  traditional affiliate marketing company so you could

go to places like Clickbank . You could go to places like warrior plus events.

Products are some really simple creative ways

Product that you want to promote which is related to that topic you put on your

picture on here. You put in some  information and then you drop a link over to the product or your

website or wherever you want direct people. Basically but if a girl here this

company  don’t even have a link in the buyer a lot of these

different Instagram accounts. They have

links in the buyer so you would go and

click on.


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