Most Latest Hair Color Trend Ready” for a new look, Toppers?

Most Latest Hair Color Trend

 Top Hair Color Trends of 2019 – Luxy Hair

   for a new look, Toppers?

Warm blondes, shades of brown, gold or blue ombré, bright colors from pastel to dark purple.

There are so many hair color trends that can be chosen when we start the new year.

Toppers might be tempted to try new hair colors every year! Now, what hair color is the trend in 2019?

Check out the following article!

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Latest Hair Color Trend

1. Ash Brown

Trying the color of ash brown is the right choice if you want to try gray but not brave in a color that is too gray.

This color will be suitable if you have cool tone skin with pink undertone.

Because ash brown has a slight touch of blue and gray which makes the color pale almost like gray.

2. Golden Chocolate

Make your black hair cool with golden highlights.

This one hair trend color is indeed suitable for applying to the basic color of black hair.

The luxurious impression will immediately be felt when you change the hair color to golden brown.

Suitable for you who are agile and active.

3. Ombre Blonde

This hair color trend has been around a few years ago, and is still going to happen.

Many ombre colors you can choose from, but blonde and golden colors are the most popular in 2019.

Tips for those of you who want to try this color, make sure the hair roots remain black, so that you can get beautiful gradation effects.

4. Ice Blonde

Hair color trends ice blonde isn ‘t going anywhere! In fact, it has been modernized to make it look whiter or less yellow.

If you are thinking of really wanting to try the color of this trend.

You must be prepared to face the risk because the more light your hair means the more chemicals in the hair.

Therefore, don’t forget to do deep treatment once a week.

5. Warm Blonde

With so many ice blondes trying to keep their hair cool-toned, it’s very refreshing for you to have yellowish blonde hair like Emma Stone.

The blonde color that Emma uses is like butter yellow, not brassy.
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6. Ombre Blue

Blue doesn’t seem to ever go out of style!

If you haven’t brave ombre with bright colors, blue can be your choice!

The blue color of the hair will retain the original color of your hair!

7. Gray

The next hair color trend is gray.

Many hairstylists use a blend of balayage highlighting techniques and babylights, to get bright colors and beautiful dimensions.

Let the root color of the hair remain dark, so you will have a beautiful, charming color gradation.

8. Purple

The purple hair color trend is indeed a lot of variations, you can also add pink or peach to make the color brighter.

Usually the way to get the color of this trend must be to mix gray with purple.

In order to get a gray hue, so that the purple color obtained looks more calm.

9. Auburn

If you are not ready to wear red, warm brown with an old red tone like Paula Patton is the right way for you to have red without leaving your comfort zone.

Simple and classic hair color trends but still cool.

10. Rose Gold

Last year was Rose Gold’s hair color trend, all celebrities and beauty vloggers applied this shimmering color to their hair.

Rose gold is a beautiful and soft pink blonde.

You will look feminine and radiant even without wearing any makeup!

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Those are some hair color trends that will be crowded in 2018!

Which do you want to choose as your new hair color?

it’s difficult to choose just one color from the many choices of attractive hair color trends.

You can try changing it once a month, but don’t forget to always take care of your hair every day with hair care products that you can find on Tokopedia!

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