Strategies for Adding Links on Instagram Stories to Improve

Strategies for Adding Links

Strategies for Adding Links on Instagram Stories to Improve Your Business

Strategies for Adding Links on Instagram Stories to Improve

Recent developments in Instagram are getting cool. You like to see stories on Instagram with the words See More / Swipe Up towards the top?

Well, this is one of the freshest ways on Instagram for those of you who run an online business using social media media.

Swipe More on Instagram Stories can help you direct the traffic that you can on Instagram to your website.

Do you want to know how to use this strategy?

You are in the right article.

In this article, you will be taught how to add links on Instagram Stories and also how to incorporate these links into your Instagram marketing.

Come on, let’s start the discussion!
Instagram developments: Add links on Instagram Stories with Swipe More

Who can add links on Instagram Stories?

In addition to  most other marketing features on Instagram, those who can access this new feature are people who have verified accounts.

Instagram started developing this feature for marketers on Instagram in May 2017.

Links in stories that can be clicked on are also available on the business profile.

What’s interesting is, there seems to be no geographical limit as well as to the links and  the stories.

Here’s how to add the link Strategies for Adding Links

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Create your Instagram Story

You can take photos or videos directly on the Instagram Stories application. You can also move the story screen to import pictures taken in the last 24 hours.

Add URL Link

To add your link, click the icon link chain at the top of your story.

Well, a new window will appear on the screen of your cellphone and let you enter the destination link of your choice.

Type the URL address completely and tap on the green crosscheck sign (on Android) or “done” (on iOS) to save the link.

you need to know, Instagram Story analysis currently doesn’t track the URL that was clicked on.

So if you want to measure traffic and conversions, use links that can be tracked separately.

It is recommended to use shortener links such as or

Once success connects the URL to your story, the chain link icon will look white as shown

Continue Editing Your Story Strategies for Adding Links

Add other content such as text, stickers, or filters to your story. After that, upload.

When adding content, you can also enter call to action into your text story to direct the audience to access the link.

The most common CTAs like “Swipe up to see more” or tap “see more to visit our website.”

How to get your followers to see your story with Link

When people see your posts on the Instagram story, they will also see the See More option at the bottom of the cellphone screen.

Although the look of See More is already on the cellphone screen, there are still some who miss it for reasons not seen.

So it’s good to enter CTA as shown in the picture above.

An effective way to use links on Instagram Stories

Because adding links to stories is the best way to provide specific links to each post on Instagram, marketers add links too often.

The question is, is it effective Strategies for Adding Links

Depends on the number of posts you will make in one story.

The good thing is not all your posts include a link, just add a link in 1 or 2 posts.

For example, this. If your story contains 3 to 4 posts, you only need to add 1 link.

If your story contains 6 to 8 posts, you can enter 2 links in the post you choose.

Make sure that the link you use has value and context for your story. the goal is to be able to convey the benefits of your product to the audience.

Here are some creative ways that can be an inspiration in using links in stories.

a. Directing Traffic to Your Post Blog

If you have a new blog and want people to visit your blog, you can insert your blog link into Instagram Stories.

By adding links as a marketing strategy, you not only provide alerts to people if you have a new blog, but you also enter a link that will deliver them directly to the blog.


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