Tips and Tricks for Caring for Colored Hair

Tips and Tricks for Caring for Colored Hair

Tips and Tricks for Caring for Colored Hair

Tips and Tricks for Caring for Colored Hair

Now, we live in a world that is always concerned with style and appearance.

Starting from the style of dress, wearing style, also hairstyles.

So that the appearance continues to be attractive and not boring maybe you can try to paint your hair.

Colored hair will give a new look but requires a lot of care and attention to the hair.

In addition, hair dye usually contains Ammonia which can cause dry and brittle hair.

Even so you don’t need to worry because in this article we will provide easy tips and tricks for treating colored hair

Before doing hair coloring

Plan before you do it Tips and Tricks

If you have colored the hair, it will not disappear within a few days.

So, you should carefully plan the color to be used, determine if the hair dye is bought by the store

and you do the painting yourself or do the hair painting at the salon.

You also need to consider how the quality of hair paint you use.

It is best to use hair paint that contains natural oils so that it helps retain moisture in the hair, and makes hair look shiny and healthy.

It’s better to use one that is free of ammonia.

To select hair color you need to remember that the color seen in the hair dye box will be different from

the results of hair coloring depending on the condition and original color of your hair.

Test allergic reactions

You should check whether you are allergic or not to the product you are using.

Ways to test allergic reactions:

Apply a small amount of hair to the wrist or behind the ear.

Keep it on the skin for 25-30 minutes and then wash with water.

The wrist and back area of ​​the ear have smooth skin making it ideal for testing allergic reactions.

After the skin is cleansed, check whether there is a reaction in the next 24 hours.

If the skin becomes red, irritated or blister, then the hair paint product has the potential to cause allergies.

If this happens you should not use the product

After doing hair coloring Tips and Tricks

After you finish coloring your hair, you must follow these simple tips to treat newly colored hair.

Say no to shampoo

If you want to keep colored hair for a long period of time, avoid using shampoo at least 48 hours after the coloring procedure.

This is important and if you can wait more than 48 hours, the color can be more perfect

Hair mask and hair serum 

Hair masks will keep the hair moist.

In addition, you can also use hair serum.

The hair serum contains many vitamins that function to improve the condition of dry and damaged hair more intensively.

Hair serum should be used when the hair is still half wet after washing the hair so that the serum content can seep well into the hair shaft.

Use cold water Tips and Tricks

It should be noted that hot water will make hair dry.

Bathing with hot water can reduce the hair’s natural oil products and make the skin and pores of the head dry,

which eventually leads to damage to the hair roots.

However, cold water makes your hair color intact and will also keep your hair healthy and shiny.

You must remember that the hair shaft is one of the most subtle parts of the body.

Incorrect treatment will make it easily fragile and eventually occur loss.

Hopefully the above tips can help you to get your healthy and shiny colored hair.

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