Tips for Straightening Hair with a Hair Straightener Tool

Tips for Straightening Hair with a Hair Straightener Tool

For you women, what magic things do you like when you are styling your hair?

Maybe some of you will answer a hair straightener like a hair curler.

Catokan itself is a tool that consists of two flat iron boards that are heated at a certain temperature to make your hair look straight.

But, if you still think that viscose is the best tool for styling your hair, it looks like you have to think again.

Ideas and concepts about hairdressing actually existed since the early 1800s.

Women in those days were very curious about what is called fashion or fashion style.

The fact is, they could be very aware of that, compared to us today.

Along with the development of the times, hairdressing tools are increasingly developing in various ways.

Today, such electronic devices are easy to use.

Even though the concept is easy to use, in fact some people still find it difficult to use this hairdressing tool.

Create Your Beautiful Straight Hair

If you are a loyal user of this hair cutting tool, surely you have experienced it when the hair

that is painted does not go straight and messy. People consider this event as “bad hair day” or “messy hair day”.

But, are you aware that this can happen because you are using the wrong technique and method?

Want to know how to make techniques and easy ways to get good straight hair results? Here’s the full explanation.

Straighten Hair with a Catokan Tool

1. Ensure the Temperature on the Hair Straightener Tool

Never start plucking your hair when the drill is not at the right temperature.

Always make sure that your drill has the right temperature to straighten your hair.

This is done because the new vise tool can work if it is set at the proper temperature.

If you don’t wait for the drill until it’s really hot, your straight hair won’t last long and will return to its original shape in just a few hours.

2. Clean your Catokan Tool Routinely

Make sure you take care and maintain the cleanliness of your painting tools, huh!

Like other objects, sticking dust can inhibit heat and can damage the results.

So, be diligent to clean your polishing tool, if you want good straight hair.

If you don’t clean it properly, dirt and dust will stick to your hair, which can lead to hair damage.

And also make sure to wash your hair regularly.

3. Comb your hair well

Before starting to straighten your hair with a brush, make sure you have combed your hair, huh.

If you have curly hair, it is recommended to comb your hair between plucking.

This will help form hair properly and can maintain the condition of your hair.

4. Always Start from the Back

Make sure you start from the back of your hair.

Then, slowly move to the front. Ideally, the hair on the front is the last part that is painted.

Even some hair experts recommend this method.

5. Rules of 3 cm

When you divide your hair into several parts to straighten it, divide it into 3 cm for each section.

Take the 3 cm portion and start to clamp it well. Don’t lose patience, it’s okay if you do it slowly.

Even this will make your hair look perfect and last a long time.

And those are some of the popular ways and tips among people who like to straighten their hair with a brush.

Use shampoo and conditioner that matches the condition of your hair if you use a drill every day.

This will help reduce damage to the hair, reduce curly hair, and provide the best results.

Don’t forget to use a heat protector before you start to dye your hair, huh!

What tools are needed for hair styling?

Next, some of the tools needed to organize your hair.

1. Hair Straightening Tool

The most important tool when you are styling your hair or want to straighten your hair.

When you decide to buy a drill, make sure you choose a product with a good reputation and quality.

It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive one at all.

One of the most important features is temperature control.

If you can control the temperature, you can easily organize your hair both in terms of straightening hair or other styles you like.

2. Hairpin

Hair clip
Your hair will be easier to straighten if you divide it in several parts.

Curly hair has more hair volume than straight hair.

But, if you straighten your hair according to the steps and related rules, you will get good results.

Buy a few pins with different shapes, and make it as one of the important tools in arranging your hair.

3. Comb

Another important tool is a comb. Actually, there is no special comb that is used to straighten hair,

but choosing a comb can be a determining factor.

There are several types of combs that you can choose on the market.

A round comb is one of the best combs. This comb can help you to deal with curly hair.

Comb with brush or soft fur is also important, you.

In addition, this comb will help straighten your hair when you comb it down with a turning tool to get a suitable hair curve.

4. Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are another important tool in terms of hair styling.

This one electronic product will keep your hair in its condition when you straighten your hair

with a vitamin or hair straightening gel when you are plucking.

In addition, the hair dryer will also increase the volume in your hair and help dry your hair when using a hair curler.

5. Hair Rolls Hair Roll

Marketable hair roll available in various forms.

You should choose a hair roll that has many functions and can easily break your hair.

Usually, hair roll also comes with several other supporting tools.

You can use a hair roll to try different hairstyles.

The choice is yours, so make sure you choose the product you need.

You can try different types of hairstyles while straightening your hair, either with a polishing tool or with other attachments.

Those are some complementary tools that are important components in terms of hair styling.

Many products are sold in the market with a variety of choices.

Don’t hesitate to do research first before buying it.

Many products provide different quality.

Some of them straighten their hair in just a few minutes, and some make it last long.

Don’t forget to pay attention to these products.

The right product can enhance the beauty and beauty of your hair shape.

However, the best style you can give to your hair is to maintain its authenticity.

Don’t be easily affected by the popular hair trends. Even you can create your own style, you know!

So, try the methods and tips above when you were straightening your hair, huh!

If you have other tips about straightening your hair, don’t be shy about sharing it with us.

You can share it in the comments column below! Good luck!

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