Tips to grow long hair healthy hair fast naturally

Tips to grow long hair healthy

Tips to grow long hair fast naturally

Tips to grow long hair healthy hair fast naturally

Long hair is considered a sign of beauty.

And every woman wants her hair to be long and healthy.

Because long hair adds four moons to its beauty and charm.

For centuries women have been practicing hair extensions.

Tips to grow long hair healthy hair fast naturally

If you also want to grow your hair, use a balanced diet because the vitamins

and proteins in then the diet are beneficial for hair growth and health.

Plays a role in enhancing then the length and beauty of the hair.

This tips to long hair grow fast

Hair protection:

The use of conditioners for hair protection is essential.

This banana egg yogurt gives then the best conditioner work.

Take one egg and one cup of yogurt and mix them.

Wash the hair after two hours.

Essential for hair protection and beauty.

Protect your hair from dryness and scrap.

Each month hair growth grows from about 1/3 to 1/4 inch.

But dryness prevents hair growth.

Therefore, to remove the dryness, mix egg yolk in mustard oil and apply it in the hair.

Tips to have long hair faster

This will make then the hair soft and supple.

Leave this oil function for an hour.

Head massage to lengthen hair:

To increase the hair, head massage is necessary to massage an egg, coconut oil, and honey then and mix it all gently and massage it lightly.

This way, the bleeding is faster, and hair growth is increased.

This method is very beneficial for long hair.

This method of hair extension is very beneficial.

Elvira and Shahid:

Cut out the aloe vera and allow it to stick to then the hair for about 2 hours.

Tips on how to get longer hair faster

Shampoo for hair:

This is the best desi version to lengthen the hair, so it will make the hair longer and shiny.

Amla is 1/3 sec, 1/3 of half a kilo

Take all these things separately.

Whenever a spoon of Amla could take one teaspoon in one kilogram of water, one teaspoon two tablespoons Of powders.

Tips to grow long hair fast

When the water is half dry, wash the hair with it. After a while, rinse with clean water.

Moisturizer for Hair Length:

To moisturize the hair to make it of longer and stronger,

take one teaspoon olive oil 2 teaspoon lime juice and mix them both and keep it on the head all night.

As the hair dries, the hair will become thicker and stronger.

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