Best facial for glowing skin Exercise or massage is needed

Best facial for glowing skin

Best facial for glowing skin exercise or massage is needed

Best facial for glowing skin Exercise or massage is needed

Exercise or massage is needed to strengthen the muscles of the face,

just like the daily massage required to enhance then the body’s tissues.

The different levels of facial massage are as follows:

1.  After applying the cream to both hands for facial massage, stand on the back of your partner

that your hands  move smoothly on the face.

2.  First, apply the cream on the partner’s forehead and move then the hands horizontally on the cavity,

Massaging the face

3.  Now rub both of your palms on the partner’s head and fingers on the back of  the pelvis, thus eliminating the wrinkles of the pelvis.

4.  After massaging on the forehead

This is the place where the skin covers the skin, and it makes a difference in then the beauty of the nose and eyes.

The second-hand runs on his nose.

5.  Massage both palms on his back with his fingers on his nose.

This way strengthens the nasal tissues and makes the nose beautiful.

6. Massage this natural line on then the cheeks with the thumbs of your two hands as you move the inches from top to bottom

The  massaging  on this the part called  smiling line.

Best facial moisturizer for glowing skin

7.  Pay special attention to the lower part of the nose for then the beauty of the lips.

This massage enhances your smile by massaging this part by moving then the middle finger inward as per the picture.

8. Massage these parts thoroughly with the thumb to prevent wrinkles and black marks on the bottom of the eyes.

9.  Now start massaging the upper eyelids with soft hands and low pressure. Move the fingers inwards while pressing.

10.  The muscles of the cheeks are strengthened and then the wrinkles are removed.

11. Massage then the lower jaw with both sides for the beauty of the exterior of the face.

Run only the high and external (according to the jaw), keeping the pressure of the hands.

The facial mask for glowing skin

12. For the massage the chin, hold the button in the cup of both sides and lift the chin slightly.

13. Massaging banana to make the texture of then the jaw, keep the skin of the chin two fingers first

and middle and pull it out a bit (towards the ear). Leave it.

14. For women who have a double picking, take their lower chin in both hands and bring

least 30 – forty times to achieve the expected results.

15. After this procedure, you can hold then the real chin in your hands again and move your hands towards

then the ears in such a way that one hand holds the button and the other moves.

This process enhances the beauty of the face.

This facial for glowing skin

16.  After massaging the face, thoroughly rinse then the face with a towel soaked in cold or warm water and

Apply any recipe made in water with the edges of your fingers on then the front and allow it to dry.

Afterward, clean with the towel again.

17.  After this procedure, place then the cotton soaked in cucumber juice on both eyes.

18. Different physical weaknesses  by using fruits and vegetable prescriptions

19. Let it remain on then the face for about half an hour, thoroughly cleanse it with front and prepare to apply the mask.

After using the mask, then the new face, energy and youth will be visible and you will be able

to apply Will look far less  that

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