Best hair conditioners to the hair as the roots

Best hair conditioners

Best hair conditioners to the hair as the roots 

Best hair conditioners to then the hair as the roots

Apply a conditioner to the hair as then the roots of the hair produce sealant material,

so they get enough conditioner, so the conditioner needs to be applied to then the ends of the

hair whether it is dust to clean then the head followed by shampoo and Conditioner

1 . Pear Hair Conditioner

Pear paste — 1 cup

Egg yolk – 1 cup

To make the mixture, fry the egg yolk and add then the pear paste to it.

Allow it to soak for 30 minutes, then rinse the straw with warm water

The best hair growing conditioner

2 . Sunflower Hair Conditioner

Wheat oil – 1 cup

Sunflower oil — 1 cup

Heat the mixture by mixing both of the oils.

Rub the head with a spoon of lime juice mixed with warm water, rubbing it in the head.

3 . Wheat hair conditioner

Wheat Oil – 1 tsp

Milk — 1 tsp

Egg yolk – 1

Water – 1 cup

Lemon juice – 1 tsp

Glycerin — 1 tbsp

Paint the egg yolk and add all the ingredients to it.

Massage the mixture into the head and rinse then the head with lukewarm water mixed with lukewarm water.

Best hair conditioners

1 . Brush and comb this and that

2 . Always brush the hair when it is dry. Brushing in wet hair causes then the hair to become two mouths.

3 . Bend the head down to brush and start cleaning with the ends of the hair.

4 . Brush your head forward during brushing. During this time, the blood flow will move towards the head and cause hair follicles.

5 . Brushing is then the natural oil of hair turning the length of the hair.

6 . Soft brush for beautiful hair that does not need to bend then the head.

7 . Very long coarse hair requires a broad brush whose teeth are hard.

8 . For short or curly hair, a thick, narrow brush with a head that is long rectangular and needs to be spaced in group shape.

9 . Never use sharp toothbrushes that hurt then the hair.

10 . To comb thick hair and wet hair, use a comb that is at a distance.

11 . The simplest solution to smooth the tangled hair is to begin searching the ends of then the nose and slowly pulling the upper back.

Best hair conditioner and shampoo

1 . This and that for shampoo

Wet the hair with a spray to shake off dead skin cells and surroundings from the inside so that the inner skin is well moistened.

2 . Take a small amount of shampoo — measure as little as a tablespoon and mix them to get a thin mixture of water.

3 . Massage the roots of then the hair all over your head with the help of your fingers with this lightweight shampoo.

4 . Find more shampoo on the upper layer of hair from then the flattened surface of the elephant.

5. Wash the head with water until the shampoo is completely removed from the nose. Repeat this process if needed.

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