Do rice water really make your hair grow

Do rice water really make your hair grow

Best rice water really make your hair grow


You are an avid viewer of the hair.sure that you have heard of rice water

so rice water is considered to be the number one best hair growth treatment today.

I’m gonna be spilling all the tea on I’m gonna tell you the only way.

That you should be making rice Water in the only way.

That you should be using  before we get into this inspired by the young women of the village.

Huang Lo in China their hair is incredibly long it is super healthy super

shiny and yes you guessed it they rinse and wash their hair with fermented  okay.

So into the recipe because you first want to take a half cup to a cup of rice and so on

You ‘re gonna want to put it in a bowl also you can use any race.

That you want to use white rice, brown rice basmati rice jasmine rice so now you’re gonna rinse the rice now.

I do this two times I just pour some water into the bowl of rice. I gently scrub the rice

And this helps to get all the dirt and impurities off of the rice before.

We actually start to make the rice water.

How to make rice water for your hair


So once you’ve rinsed it you want to of course drain the dirty rice out of the bowl and now you’re gonna take some sort of sealed container.

So I like to use mason jars but if you don’t you can use some sort of Tupperware container as long as the cover is sealed

tightly. It’s totally fine so now I start by carefully transferring the rice from the bowl into the mason jar.

I ‘m using a spoon so if you have a funnel that would make this process a lot easier but it’s totally not necessary.

So then you want to fill up the jar with water. So I usually fill up the jar up 3/4 of the way with water

then you want to close the lid tightly and then you want to shake the a lot.

This is gonna help all the nutrients get the vitamins and minerals out of the  and into the water.

So rice water is rich in antioxidants minerals vitamin B and E amino acids and inositol.

So inositol is really one of the most important aspects of rice’s super important.

It helps to repair damaged hair while also helping to expedite the hair growth process.

The next step is extremely super important. So make sure you’re paying attention to this point you can either use

plain or you can use fermented. So by using plain

The rice water you just used to  up straight into the jar right now you just transfer.

Take another shower and rinse your hair into it.

Rice water make your hair grow

If you want to use fermented you will let the rice water

Sit on your counter for 12 to 24 hours. Then you would use the rice water as a heron’s.

unless you are superimpatient I highly recommend you use fermented for numerous reasons.

So the fermentation of the process helps to enhance the nutrients in the rice water.

that when you end up using it as a rinse the itself

Just going to be a lot more beneficial for your hair is also fermented rice water.

A tarot, which is a type of yeast that Tara essentially helps with cell rejuvenation of your scalp and hair,

even though fermented  is a lot more beneficial for your hair.

It does smell a little bit funky I have found that if I use jasmine rice.

It doesn’t smell as bad as if I used just straight-up white rice.

So if you like some jasmine rice at home. I would highly recommend you to use.

That if you don’t you can also use orange peels or essential oils which is totally fine to

add in your just to mask the stinky smell okay.

So fast-forward 24 hours from now and the rice water is ready to go.

So now I’m going to transfer the rice water into a spray.

I’m really out of breath here so now for how to actually use the rinse.

Rice water make your hair thicker

So this is the part that I feel like people get confused on and on

This is one of the main reasons why doing the rice water rinse is all wrong before and I will explain that in a second.

But essentially before you use rice water you want to wash your hair

from trial and error I have found. That shampooing and conditioning before rice water is a no-no

shampoo and rice water is just really dried out my hair.

It is definitely preferred to use a co-wash as a conditioner and then the rice water.

So first I use a co-wash as I am coconut co-wash then I move on to use my naturals conditioner

sit in my hair for five minutes rinse it out and now i’m good to go for the  rinse.

So for the rinse first I start by sectioning my hair so I go section by section and first I focus on the roots of my hair.

So I take my spray bottle I spray the roots and then I move on to the hair shaft and I spray.

That and then massage my scalp to ensure. That all of the is getting absorbed by my hair follicle my

Massaging your scalp like scalp and my hair itself also helps increase circulation.

Which is also going to help your hair grow faster.

Rice water make your hair fall out

So I repeat this all throughout my hair until I have covered every single strand of hair

And then I take the remaining . I slowly pour it on my hair

So at this point the question is do you leave. It in your hair or do you wash it out what I found.

That works for me somewhere in the middle. So I basically leave it in my hair for 15 minutes.

I have rinsed it all through my hair just leaving it in my hair not straight up rinsing. It out at all until my next

Wash actually it too much for my hair please don’t underestimate the power of rice water.

It is extremely intense I mean how do you think young women

Have gotten their hair that long so once is up to 15 minutes then I gently and quickly rinse the rice out of the water.

I do this so that I don’t fully rinse it out but just enough.  that it doesn’t irritate my hair if that makes sense.

then you can just finish up with your regular hair care routine. That means for you

I would recommend not use heat because that is not good for your hair. But anything else that you

Usually you can just continue from there as you should be using. So then the reason I wasn’t really able to find a

I use every two to three weeks and nothing but as I said please do not underestimate the power of rice water.

It is an extremely strong hair growth treatment now. I can recommend that

The frequency with which you use is going to depend solely on how your hair responds to it.

So if your hair is completely unbothered by you can literally use it every single day and nothing

bad happens to your hair. Then by all means that and if you happen to have super

low porosity hair then maybe once a month would be good for you okay

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