Egg white and vaseline for face mask rinkles

Egg white and vaseline for face mask rinkles

Egg white and vaseline for face mask rinkles

Egg white and vaseline for face mask rinkles

you are looking for tight firm wrinkle free skin. If you are here a recipe for you simple plain.

But effective everyday skin care for beautiful young ageless looking skin.

Our first ingredient is egg and I’m going to use egg white and egg white is known to get rid

of large pores egg white is hard to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and white is also known to tighten skin.

It is also great for getting, your skin look younger fresher and brighter.

When used on a regular ingredient our second ingredient is petroleum jelly and petroleum

jelly is also known as Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Egg white face mask recipe


Egg white and vaseline for face
Egg white and vaseline for face

is very moisturizing to the skin. When mixed with other ingredient is

going to have the plump the skin up is gonna have the skin looking fresh and radiant.

If you have dry skin petroleum jelly is gonna moisturize the skin

Now with the combination of the egg and the petroleum jelly is gonna make your skin look years younger.

So the first thing I’m gonna do with the egg. I’m gonna separate the yolk from the white since we’re only gonna be using the white.

So I’m just gonna crop my egg open and it’s pretty easy to separate

the yolk that ‘s egg white you are getting all out of it and here is our egg white.

So here we have our petroleum jelly and we’re gonna take about a teaspoon of petroleum jelly.

We’re gonna place this in our Bowl and I’m just gonna blend it a little just warm the Vaseline make, it light and fluffy just warm the Vaseline

Once this is done for my egg white and I’m gonna take about a teaspoon of egg white.

Place it in the Vaseline you can put away the egg white in your refrigerator for three days.

Do not make more than, you need and just make one use for one.

Egg white face mask for fairness

We’re just gonna mix the egg whites in the Vaseline just blend it in just keep blending.

It ‘s gonna take a while so just blend it in the basket.

Just let keep blending, it gonna be very fluffy no need to put this in the blender whisk once.

Perfectly blended thisĀ  what it is going to look like

almost like a cottage cheese and now it is ready to use on your skin.

So you’re gonna take your egg white and Vaseline you’re gonna place it on your face like this and you’re just gonna rub.

It all over your face with your egg white and the Vaseline and you’re gonna

feel it going on smooth you’re actually gonna feel a nice supper to then the skin now once you put it on your skin.

You ‘re gonna leave it on your skin for at least 30 minutes you can choose to wear it longer on the skin now.

I have to turn in minutes you’re gonna rinse this off with some warm water.

Just rinse off now what is gonna happenĀ  as you can see your skin is gonna be

moisturized now once you rinse off you’re gonna tow it dry and take a look.

This is my hands but just imagine your face.

Egg white face mask diy

Now use your egg white and Vaseline on your skin at least three to four times per week for best results and the like.

I said before remember to make just the amount

You are gonna use however you can store your egg white in then the refrigerator for at least three

days when you are ready to use your tea spoon and mix it with your vaseline apply it to your face.

rinse off pat dry no need to use a moisturizer after you

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