Hair conditioners natural for your chosen hairstyle

Hair conditioners natural

Hair conditioners natural for your chosen hairstyle 

Hair conditioners natural for your chosen hairstyle

The hairstyles that you need to then the apply to your chosen hairstyle

used to set then the hair that needs to be trimmed.Living version

Conditioners for hair loss

1. Ingredients

Grease Almonds —- 1 cup

Palm Oil —- Two Teaspoons

Wesleyan —- 1 gram

Lemon juice —- ٢ teaspoon

Clove Oil —- ١ teaspoon

Tip:  All other items will be prepared by setting the aromatic bubbles in it to make the Vaseline grammed.

The hair conditioners homemade

2. Dumb puppy then the prescription

Then the Ingredients

Bald puppy —- fifteen grams

Alcohol —- Twenty milliliters

Castrail —- two tablespoons

Glycerin —- 3 tablespoons

Water —- Two hundred and fifty milliliters

Fragrance —-

Tip: Solution the bean sprouts to alcohol and add then the caster oil and glycerine to it on a low heat.

Shake and shake then the water to let it cool on the rat after closing the fire.

If your heart wants it, then you can add fragrance before it cools down. Just use then the recipe.

Hair conditioning treatments

3.  Lemon prescription

(To fix the greasy hair)


Gelatin —- 1 cup

Hot water —- Two cups

Lemon juice —- ١ teaspoon

Tip: Combining all  then the ingredients makes for a great recipe.

Hair conditioning treatments

4. Hair conditioners

Hair conditioner for all hair tips

Pear recipe

Pear paste — 1 cup

Egg yolk — Two

Tip: Fry egg yolk thoroughly and then the add pear paste to it.

Then the Half an hour after applying this mixer head, wash the hair with semi-warm water.

Hair straightening conditioners

5.  Sunflower recipe


Weight crime oil – 3 cups

Sunflower Oil – 1 cup

Tip: Combine both oils and heat them with this oil massage the head and

wash with semi-warm water to which 1 teaspoon then of lemon juice is added.

6. Wheat recipe


then the Weight crime oil (Vitamin E) — 1 teaspoon

Milk — 2 tablespoons of food

Egg yolk – 1

Water – 1 cup

Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon

Glycerin – 1 tbsp

Tip: Feel then the egg yolk and add all  the ingredients in it and massage your head thoroughly.

 Brushing and combing hair

1. Always brush in then the dry hair. Replacing then the brush in wet hair causes hair follicles to burst.

2.   brushing, tilt the head forward and brush then the sides of the head.

3.  Bending the head in  the direction of then the head increases blood circulation.

4.  Brushing makes then the body oil all over the hair.

5.  Use the softest hair brush to move then the hair, using it does not damage the hair.

6.  Use a long wire brush then for very fine hair.

7.  Use a long brush with short head for short or curly hair then that has your wires far apart.

8. Do not use sharp pointed brushes then that cause hair to break through.

9. Coarse denture combs then the with thick and wet hair.

Begin to trim the hair, starting at  then the ends of  the hair and slowly moving upwards.

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