Hair mask for hair loss and dandruff thicker and softer

Hair mask for hair loss and dandruff

Hair mask for hair loss and dandruff

Hair mask for hair loss and dandruff thicker and softer

With this prescription, hair loss and whitening will be all right.

This is a prescription that will remove all then the troubles from your hair.

Your hair will become longer, thicker and softer.

After using this oil for one month, you will see then the result of this oil.

1 tablespoon castor oil

1 tablespoon fish oil

4 tablespoon olive oil

4 Hair soft capsules

Hair soft capsules you can find in any shop, you will find them easily,

they are available in every color and everything is easily found in then the market.

Put all these oils in a bowl and mix.

Long hair with masks

Apply the oil to the roots of the hair and lightly massage the hands.

After applying the oil, do not wash then the hair for three to four hours.

Be sure to use a good shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.

When you use shampoos, do not apply it to the hair roots. Leave then the root part and

apply it to then the hair below.

Put a pot of cold water and soak your hair in cold water for 5 minutes.

This is what you have to do. Dip then the end of the hair in water.

Then dry the towel hair and lightly comb the olive oil on the last part of the

hair with two fingers and when the hair is 60% dry, make a hair bun and

keep the bun for 20 minutes to keep the hair moist. Then open the hair and let the hair dry.

This will eliminate all then the problems of your hair and your hair will become soft, smooth and beautiful.

Take care of your hair. Your hair will be beautiful. You should try it all first

Biotin is taking a thousand MG.

Hair mask for hair loss and dandruff

How were your hair and how are you now.

You can take one Biotin a day

1 tablet BiotinĀ  of ten tablespoons of yogurt in a bottle on Monday morning

Don’t eat on Tuesday

On Wednesday, eat 1 tablets with eggs

Not Thursday

Friday has to eat with 1 tablate of bread

One tablet a week with ten almonds

You have to use it for a month then you will see your hair will be so beautiful.

Seeing your hair first and looking after a month will make you look

pretty healthy.

Long hair mask recipe

This is a pack that will make your hair so beautiful and shiny

that you think you will not use anything else after using this pack.

Because it is for the hair, it is so good that you will not need any other hair after using this pack.

This is such a good mask. By using it regularly, your hair will grow longer.

With this mask, dry hair will be removed. Hair will become healthy and

volume will come in the hair.

There are five things

Olive oil .. four tablespoons

Yogurt .. four tablespoons

Large aloe vera leaf

Fenugreek seeds .. 2 tbsp

Rice .. 2 tbsp

Olive oil for split ends

Put fenugreek seeds in 2 tablespoons and 2 tablespoons of rice in a bowl and wash them.

Put half a glass of water in it and keep it soaked in water all night.

Apply this mask once a week. If your hair is very bad then you can use it twice a week.

These fenugreek seeds and rice will bloom in water.

Now sift then the two things through a sieve and separate the water.

Now put yogurt and olive oil in it.

Mix all these things well. This paste is ready. Now we have water, rice and

If your hair is dry, it will be removed with this spray.
If the scalp is not dry, do not add vinegar and spray it all over then the hair and keep it in the fridge.
Apply the mask that was made after spraying in the hair from the roots of the hair to the whole hair.

Grow long hair mask

After three hours when the hair starts to wash,
take the whole hair down, take a shower, wet then the hair and massage it lightly with your hands.
Wash off when the mask is completely off then shampoo.
Then apply conditioner to the hair and when the hair is lightly dry,
put six or seven drops of olive oil on then the hand and apply it on the end part of the
hair. The hair will be so beautiful even more than you imagined.
Use this mask and then see the result.
And before going to bed at night, apply it on the scalp and wash your head in the morning


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