Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

Best and effective hair mask for dry rough frizzy hair.

This hair mask makes your hair silky shiny and glossy. This hair mask is organic and 100% natural.

There is no chemical.This hair mask is very good for dry frizzy hair.

This mask provides full nourishment and moisture to your hair and hydrate’s your dry scalp.

This also removes dandruff and treats itchy scalp It helps to cure all deficiency and makes your hair healthy.

It stimulates hair growth. Lets start, how to make this hair mask for this homemade hair mask, you will need …

Home remedies to get curly hair back

  • Take clean bowl
  • 1 Egg
  • Remember one thing.
  • If you have oily and greasy hair than use only egg white
  • remove egg yolk
  • If you have dry hair than use only egg yolk. Use whole egg for normal hair.
  • Take egg according to your hair length. Beat the egg with the help of beater.
  • Now add 4 tbsp yogurt. Yogurt should be thick.
  • Mix it well. After mixing
    Add 2 tbsp Olive oil
    You can also use coconut oil or almond oil.
    Now add 1 tbsp lemon juice
    Mix all the ingredients
    Make a smooth paste

Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

Now you have a homemade hair mask ready. Whichever makes your hair shiny smooth soft hair.

Apply the hair mask on your scalp to the hair tip.Massage the mask thoroughly into the scalp for 5 minutes.

Allow the mask to sit for at least 15-20 minutes. Cover your hair with shower cap.

After 15-20 min, first wash your hair with normal water. Then wash your hair with shampoo.

If you feel that hair mask is not completely removed. Than do the shampoo again.

Hair mask for dry hair home remedy

I have used egg in this hair mask, because the egg is a rich source of protein.

Only eggs contain quality protein which is chemical free and 100% natural.

Eggs also contains fatty acids which gives natural glossy shine to your hair and

potassium heals your dry damaged hair, makes your hair thick and strong.

This hair mask contains vitamin A which prevents split ends and breakage of hair.

Tt also contains vitamin D which helps prevent hair fall and hair loss.

Tt also contains vitamin B12 which stimulates hair growth and makes your hair longer.

In this mask, yogurt rich in lactic acids and zinc which helps to improve your hair quality and add shine.

I also add olive oil in this, which contains vitamin E beneficial for your hair.

I also add lemon juice which prevents dandruff and reduces the production of excess oil from your scalp.

Due to all these quality, this homemade hair mask is the best hair mask

This hair mask makes your hair healthy,

longer also gives shiny and glossy look.

Use this hair mask twice a month or once in a week. There is no side effect.

Home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

Who want long and healthy hair.

So you will get healthier & longer hair using the tip.

So first of all remember, the length of your hair depends on your regular hair growth.

In some cases, hair grows 1-2inch in 1 month.

Normal hair growth in a month is about 0.5 inch but if it gets 1inch longer than u r one of the lucky ones: P

How to use this method,

What is the proper way to use it for hair growth, and who can use it and who cannot.

In Inversion Method ur hair grows 1-4 inches in 1 month.

If u follow it properly. People who are complaining of less hair growth should try this method and you will see the results.

So to know whether ur hair gets longer or not, take a picture of ur hair from backside, before u start this method.

Wash off ur hair, comb them and take a picture from the back side.

To see the difference, take a picture after 1month. People who have less hair growth,

their hair grows atleast 1 inch longer, if there is no infection or internal problem.

People who have normal hair growth, their hair grows 3-4inches.

If your hair grows 1 or 2 inches longer in a month then what else you want: P

So now lets talk about how to do this method?

This method is very easy, everything will be at home and nothing will be expensive.

Take any 2 oils like i would prefer Mustard & Coconut Oil Option 2:

If ur having dandruff issue take any oil and add 3-4 drops of Tea tree Oil &

if ur not having tea tree oil add few drops of lemon juice.

Do not worry that lemon will make your hair gray.

If you apply lemon directly on your hair it may change your hair color, due to its bleaching properties.

But when it is mixed with oil its bleaching properties vanishes

/ reduces & does not change the hair color in yellow, white or golden option 3 :

Take any 2 oils and add onion juice in the same quantity as the oil.

Always remember to take appropriate quantity of oil according to ur hair length.

If ur having short hair 2-3tbsp of oil will be more than enough & if ur having long hair take oil quantity

which can easily cover all ur hair.After mixing oils, slightly warm the oil for 10secs

& u can also use microwave if u r having it.

Apply that lukewarm oil on your hair.

How to stop frizzy hair after washing

Warm the oil as much as it is bearable to ur scalp. Method of application:

The first step is to combine the hair into the detangle.

Now divide your hair into sections, and massage oil on the hair with your fingers as you do it on a regular basis.

Do not apply it on all ur hair, divide them into sections so that the oil covers all the hair.

Never forget backside of ur hair because we apply oil on front hair & ignores back side.

And do not forget to apply oil on the temple zone.

After the oil is applied on all ur hair, massage it for 3mins.

Remember massage for 3-5mins as ur purpose is for nourish ur hair.

So put a timer of 3-5mins

Do not massage less than 3-5mins even if ur hands get tired

Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

p massage well to help ur fingers and do not massage roughly to prevent hairfall.

After 5mins of massage, the next step will be the important step of the Inversion Method.

Slowly, with the help of hands, bring ur hair to the front.

Avoid any jerk as it may result in any joint or other problems.

As u have brought all ur hair in front, without applying any oil massage for the whole scalp from (back, front, sides).

The benefit of hanging ur head in front will increase blood circulation in ur hair, resulting in faster hair growth.

Massage in this position for 5-10mins.

In the first step you have to massage for 3mins and in this step you have to massage for 5-10mins and

ur head will hang in front throughout. If you feel that in some areas the oil is insufficient apply more oil.

bcz Mostly backside of ur scalp is ignored.

It is contraindicated in some people so I will tell you in the end who cannot use this method.

So after 5mins for massaging, Slowly come back to the original position & make a bun / braid or whatever is appropriate to u.

Keep oil for 2-3 hours on ur hair & after that shampoo ur hair.

So this was the Inversion method & u have seen it so easy and inexpensive.

Now let me tell you 1 thing if u are adding onion in ur oil, onion is no doubt good for

hair growth & reduces dandruff but it doesnt suit some people & results in hair fall.

So if u face hair fall problem after using it for the 1st time

I would suggest you not to add onion.

Add Tea tree oil / Lemon if u have a dandruff problem.

But if you do not have any problem simply mix both oils and apply.

Now let me tell you when you have to apply it. U have to continue it for next 7days from the day u started without any gap.

Do it daily.You can change ur oil or add any essential oil like peppermint oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil or

Avacado Oil which is so good for hair.

But if you do not have any essential oil then simply use 2 oils like i use Mustard oil and Coconut oil, both are good for hair.

Take it in pure form from any herbs shop. Pure form will give more effect. The first thing you have to do is take a picture of ur hair on day 1.

This will help you to see how much your hair grows at the end of the month.

The 2nd thing is, you have to do this method for 7days from the day you have started.

Do it daily for 8-15 mins Massage 3-5mins before inversion method & 5-10 mins after.

So do it daily for 8-15mins for 7days.

Home remedies for curly hair to be soft

After these 7days you will not apply any oil for rest 3 weeks & after 3 weeks comb ur hair & take a picture of ur hair to see the hair growth.

During these 7days of oiling, keep oil for 1-2 hours on ur hair. It’s winter so do not keep it for a night on ur hair as you can get flu.

Do it during day time & daily use a shampoo. Apply oil for 7days, keep for 1-2 hours and shampoo it daily.

Do not apply anything else on ur hair.

Do it for 3 months consecutively. 7 days of inversion method and then apply any other oil for the rest of 3 weeks.

I am sure you will see clear hair growth in these 3months.

If you can’t do it for 1 week or u think ur lazy to do this then im not telling to start it as you will not get any results.

U have to do this for consecutive 7days.

So you can do this during any time of the day but the important thing is you have to do this for 7days.

This is a very easy method to just apply massage oil on the hair for 3mins.

Do not just apply the roots, apply it on all the hair as it will reduce the frizzles and split ends.


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