Homemade hair masks for dry hair rticularly

Homemade hair masks for dry hair rticularly

 Homemade hair masks for dry hair rticularly

Homemade hair masks for dry hair rticularly

Masks are increasingly used as a weekly boost particularly for dry scalp and hair,for ‘the frizzies’

and for anyone who’s had chemical treatments like

Colouring (that’s us!) then and perming. (Women with oily scalps may find masks too rich and weighty.)

Our tip; slather on generously, comb through and leave as long  as well as you can.

This round of intensive testing brought a new crop of star products.

*Tigi Self- Absorbed

Mega-Vitamin Conditioner

How to use hair masks

8.2  masks out of 10

Most testers loved this mega-vitamin formula,

Which claims to pump hair full of body and shine.

However, it didn;t suit everyone so, as with most things

it ‘s down to individuals.

upside;’Delicious smelling _ my husband said

How gorgeous my hair smelt; hair looked extremely

Shiny and was a lot easiar to comb through and style’

Very simple to apply, no tangles, easy to brush, less frizz’.

After I left it on for five minutes,  my hair had a “just stepped

Out of the salon : feel . fantastically shiny hair,

Really easy to comb through’ . ‘ hair looks

Healthy shiny and sleek and i feel well-groomed’

.’excellent for my longs, fine-ish hair; i get through

Loads of conditioner as well as and this one really stood out’.

Downside:I needed more moisture content’

.’need to squeeze then the bottle hard to get product out’. ‘

Average product _ hair ; I get

Product – hair lank again after two days.’

Hair masks made at home

Redken All soft heavy Cream

8/05 masks out 10

This high scoring product is ‘ideal for very dry,

Thick wiry, coarse hair in need of moisture and control

Our straight-haired testers also found it fabulous (and fairly weightless)

The gloss-boosting ingredients in this 5- to 15 minutes hair pack include

Avocado oil, glycerine and wheat proteins.

Hair masks homemade for growth

Upside: ‘the best product I used – just fantastic; my straight hair was

Silky and light’ .’ hair looked healthier – brighter…’ . ‘ my hairdresser says it’s

One then the best conditioner he used: superb de-frizz factor ‘ . ‘ instant gloss earned me

Compliments’ . ‘ nice, clean scent’.

Downside: ‘Ends still a bit dry ‘. ‘ weighed down my hair althought it improved condition’.

 Phytologie Phytocitrus Hair mask

8 marks out 10

This product – crammed with natural ingredients including sweet almond

Protein, grapefruit extract and shea butter – is designed to revitalize hair left dry by coloring and perming ‘ and reduce colour fade.

Upside: ‘made my recently coloured hair feel thicker and glossy:

it also looked brighter’ only needed a “ dime- sized” dollop’ ‘ my thick long hair was smooth and controllable’.

Downside:’Left hair too floppy to style properly ‘. ‘ comes in then a pot which is tricky to open with wet hands’ .

Homemade hair masks for hair growth

*  MOP C SYSTEM Reconstructing Treatment

8 marks out of 10

A citrus infused vitamin blend from a loved by then the stars brand designed to give intensive help to dry tired hair,

containing organic alfalfa; papaya and organic elderberry ( though overall it’s not quite as natural as  those ingredients might suggest).

One tester gave it 110 marks!

Upside: ‘By  the end of winter then my hair usually feels lackluster, dry and brittle,

After this treatment then it feels like HAIR again

as well as good as having a professional treatment an excellent product that leaves hair glossy and manageable’

. ‘ a life changingly good conditioner truly amazing:

I was having a nightmare coping with new grey hair trauma and then this fixed it

will buy all their products and shares in then the company ! love then the cheekily orange packing’.

Downside:;Looked good on the day,but the next day my long thick coloured hair was a haystack no matter how much I put on’ .

Best Budget Buy

* L’Oreal Elvive Nutri- Creamide Deep Repair MAsque

8 marks out of 10

This deeply nourishing mask contains a concentrate of micronutrints then that claims to repair even very dry,

damaged hair as well as and restore it to gloss, smoothness and manageability.

Our testers were impressed.

Upside:’ Within our hour of using this product, my hair looked as well as if it had been expertly styled (it hadn’t)

and stayed that way then for over three days’ aromatic smell of lemon, grapefruit and pineapple ‘ .

‘ hair felt incredibly soft as well as and manageable after drying;

movement was lovely ‘ reduced then the static in my hair

used for two weeks now and then the condition of my hair is great – what a shine!.

Downside:’ Disappointed then that my hair didn’t look smooth or have a lot of shine seemed to make my hair more curly’

Then the lowest score in this category was

5 marks out of 10.


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