How to get glowing clear skin soften smooth

How to get glowing clear skin soften smooth

How to get glowing clear skin soften smooth

How to get glowing clear skin soften smooth

It Possible To Get Glowing Skin Naturally

A proper lifestyle and daily routine skin care routine for glowing skin

but to keep it glowing and healthy , you need to follow these steps for glowing skin.

Not to put too fine a point on it ,the glowing clear skin you can see with the naked eye is actually dead.

As a result,it ‘s often dry and dull. How to get glowing clear skin

This surface layer also makes it harder for moisturisers and oils to penetrate.

So while we believe in a softly-softly approach to exfoliating face.

we scrub areas like elbows,knees, ankles and upper arms regularly.

For extremities and limbs that gleam healthily, You should make body exfoliation a part of your beauty ritual.

( Not just in summer,but winter too -when it ‘s easy to forget everything below the vest-line.)

Exfoliation is also essential before fake tanning – to smooth away the dead surface cells

that self – tanners just love to the feeling to.

(Which results in those tell – tale darker patches around elbows, knees, ankles.) Just how often should you exfoliate?

The drier the skin, then the more often you can exfoliate.’ She owns up to dry legs, ‘

So now How to get glowing clear skin

I exfoliate these three times a week .

Use salt scrubs and other body exfoliants on damp skin,

Sue advises,except on areas of thicker skin like knees, elbows and feet, where they can be ue=sed dry.

( Be aware, though, as we’ ve said, that sloughing away dead skin makes

it a bit easier for ingredients – including chemicals – to be absorbed.

Which is why we try to stick to natural-as- possible best of all, organic- body lotions and oils.)


We admit it : We ‘re a couple of old scrubbers in then the very nicest sense.

We are both somewhat obsessed with then the skin-sloughing,get-your-blood-flowing power of salt-

and sugar-based scrubs,used every few days on areas like upper arms, knees and feet – rather than all over.

We have a long list of favourits which admitted results in a rather cluttered bathroom shelf ;

ESPA Salt Scrub(both the Invigorating and Relaxing versions,

which are hugely effective mood-shifters,too),peppermint-scented REN Guerands Salt Body Polish,

and Green People Organic formula gentle polish Exfoliating body rub  for how to find all these.

Personally we like scrubs that use entirely natural ingredients and have often been known to create our own,

using organically certified food ingredients,natural sea salt or sugar and essentials oils.

Sarah flings a tablespoonful of sea salt (or any other) into a puddle of olive oil in a pudding bowl to soften her scaly legs.

And on the rights, you ‘ll find Jo’s more sophisticated favourite recipe,

which she packages in then the kind of hinged fruit-preserving jars with rubber rims that you find in hardware stores.

(Home- made scrubs make wonderful gifts_our friends and family love them!

Ways to get glowing skin

Jo’home-made scrub

Into a large jar. Pour:

450g (16oz )brown sugar (for sensitive skin) OR salt (jo likes Maldon salt –

because it’s grainy – but you can use any kind of rough or smooth salt )

Then add;

!50ml! (5 ¼ fl oz )grapeseed oil

100ml (3 ¼ fl oz ) sweet almond oil

Droop by drop, add;

25 drops neroli essential oil

10 drops sandalwood essential oil

The 10  drops sweet orange essential oil

10 drops yang- yang essential oil

5 drops patchouli essential

Healthy to get glowing clear skin

Put the lid on and shake well. Apply by then the handful to problem areas on the body; you shouldn’t

Need extra moisturizer afterwards. (And ,of course this can made in smaller quantities.)

Noelle Gabriella, who is the aromatherapy genius behind Blemish spa treatment,

shared with us then the recipes for Sea salt Scrub and Green tea

Scrub (right) to help re-create then the spa experience at home…

Sea Salt Scrub

This get glowing clear skin

2 tablespoons sea salt (exfoliant)

3 tablespoons grated ginger (warms then the body and increases circulation)

Finely grated peel of l lime (cleansing)

6 slices of cucumber, chopped (cooling)15ml (¼ fl oz) almond oil (nourishing – a great skin emollient )

Blend together in a pestle and mortar or a food processor. It’s great

For the soles of then the feet . knees,

Elbows – and then the ‘chicken-skin’(you know what we ‘re talking about!)

That can plague bottoms and the tops of thighs.

Green  Tea Scrub

2 tablespoons of green tea leaves


L tablespoons uncooked brown rice with

the husk on (exfoliant)

l teaspoon of honey to bind then the scrub (moisturizing and helps the smooth

How to get glowing clear skin soften smooth

over the skin)

L5ml (½ fl oz) sweet almond oil

Mix together with a windows spoons;

good for then the bust, decolletage and delicate

areas of then the body.



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