The best face fabulous Facial Oil for every skin

The best face fabulous Facial Oil

The best face fabulous Facial Oil

The best face fabulous Facial Oil for every skin

Facial oils are pure plant goodness and then they wark for every skin type. (Yes, enen oily skins.)

They act on mood as well as complexion,

reastoring flagging spirits while nourishing, replenishing, balancing, reviving.

 Many women shy away from using facial oils facial oile because

they believe the ‘ll leave their skin looking like an oil slick: greasy, shine, messy.

But in reality, facial oils are absorbed very qyuckly,

allowing their active ingredients to get to work, delivering intensive skincare benefits.

In truth, they ‘re better for night time skincare than under day time make up so

why not try facial oils to maximize your beauty sleep;

in place of your usual night cream? (Even once or twice a week, if not

every single night, can make a difference.)

We asked award winnig aromatherapist

What is the best facial oil for dry skin

Fabulous Facial Oils

Daniele Ryman- a protege of aromatherapist’s pioneer,

Marguerite Maury, and now acknowledged by then the

Times of London as then the Queen of Aromatherapy’-

to prescribe suitable oils for different skin types,

as well as aromatherapy facial massage technique which

not only turbo-charges their benefits, but helps put back the glow, fast!

The best face oil for oily skin

Daniele recommends making fairly small quantities of then the oils(as in the recipes)

and using them while fresh. Ideally keep them in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

Normal skin

‘People with normal skin are lucky as then they tend to have few problems,’

says Daniele. ‘But it still needs to be well looked after to keep it supple and balanced.’

40ml(1 2/5 fl oz) soya oil (the type used for cooking is fine, but

we prefer organic as a lot of other soya oil on then the market has been genetically engineered)

5ml (1/5 fl oz) almond oil
2 capsules wheatgerm oil (this stops rancidity – find at health food stores)
8 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops orange essential oil
2 drops geranium essential oil
Pierce and squeeze then the capsules to extract the oil: blend

with all the ingredients in a 50ml (1 3/5 fl oz)bottle and use daily or nightly.

Weekly facial sauna

Daniele recommends using water (still) for this weekly treatment.

Add one drop of the essential oils from then

the facial oil recipe for your skin type to a bowl of hot water:

then lean over it and place a thick towel over your head.

Stay I that position for a few minutes then rinse your face with fresh mineral water to

which you’ve added a teaspoon of eider vinegar per cupful of water.

(For combination/oily skins, add one drop of geranium essential oil

and a pinch then of rosemary leaves.)Combination skin

‘Most of then the time you can treat this as if it was normal,’ explains Daniele,

‘but if the sebaceous glands in then the T-zone –the nose, forehead chin- flare up

(which they may do in periods of stress or before a period),

it’s advisable to treat then the area with a facial oil prescribed for oily skin.’

The best face fabulous Facial Oil

70ml (2 ½ fl oz) soya oil ( see comments, left)
20ml (3/4 fl oz) almond oil
1 capsule of wheatgerm oil
1 capsule of evening primrose
6 drops geranium essential oil
4 drops palmarosa essential oil
1 drop tea essential oil

Shake well and leave in a dark place a normal temperature

for a few days give then the oil time to reach their full potential.

Ageing skin

This recipe’s perfect for skin that’s lost its bounce, its glou,

or is showing any of then the signs of ageing.

(It’s also good for the skin of anyone who drinks, smokes or doesn’t get enough exercise.)

This best face fabulous Facial Oil

50ml (1 3/4 fl oz) almond oil
5ml (1/5 fl oz) castor oil (available at any pharmacy)
1 tablespooon extra virgin olive oil
1 capsule wheatgerm oil
10 drpos sandalwood essential oil
8 drops rosewood essential oil
2drops rose essential oil
2 drops black pepper essential oil

Just mix then the ingredients together and apply to the skin,

preferably using then the massage technique on page 83.

Broken capillaries

‘Blood shows through broken capillaries because they are weak and therefore transparent,’

explains Daniele. ‘this oil helps to strengthen them.’
30ml (1 fl oz) almond oil
15ml (1/2 fl oz ) extra virgin olive oil
3 capsules wheatgerm oil
1 capsule evening primrose oil
6 drops sandalwood essential oil
3 drops grapefruit essential oil
2 drops lemon essential oil
2 drops chamomile essential oil

Apply all over the face and neck, morning and night; massage very no pushing and pulling.

(NB Facial steaming is not recommended for this skin type, as it tends to worsen broken veins.)

Puffy faces

‘This is great when the skin’s looking puffy-especially under the eyes,’ says Daniele,’

which can happen in people prone to water retention, or sometimes just after an illness.’

30ml 1 fl oz ) soya oil (see above)
10ml (1/3 fl oz ) almond oil
2 capsules whetgerm oil
1 capsule evening primrose oil
8 drops chamomile essential oil
4 drops cypress essential oil
2 drops rose essential oil

The best face fabulous Facial Oil

Massage into face applying deep pressure around the sinus area and then the mouth for a few minutes.

Then dip a small towel in a basin of hot water and apply then the warm, wet towel to the face a few times.

This will help then the oil to penetrate and get rid of some of the puffiness.


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